Thank you Neutrogena, for making my favorite Facewash! Review

 Before we get started , Id like to address something…


Seriously though, You would get a mouth full of Face wash!
It SMELLS good.
I’m pretty sure it dosnt TASTE good.

On to more important things. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. Pink grapefruit foaming  scrub. UH-MAZING. Besides the fact that it smells so delicious you wanna dive into your sink face first like the oh so realistic chick above.

 Yea that’s right, I got the VALUE SIZE. It’s that amazing. It leaves you feeling so clean and invigorated. AWAKE! Not Dry or Greasy. I understand everyone’s skin type is different,This works for me. I Have “Normal/average skin”. Try it! Let me know how you feel about it.
Brace yourself. Its pretty amazing.
Also… Don’t eat it.
I know it smells yummy but seriously …
..that’s just weird.




One Response to “Thank you Neutrogena, for making my favorite Facewash! Review

  • Vanessa
    6 years ago

    lol this was awesome
    Oooo *adds facewash to wishlist* I gotta try! Thanks, SweetSirena!

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