Llama Lashes

Llama Lashes- By MY own definition are lashes to envy. Natural lashes that reach damn near your eyebrow and are so thick there’s no NEED for mascara and then when you DO use mascara they look ridiculously incredible. So good you almost wanna intentionally mess up the persons face… i mean… um… you just…so pretty….*Sigh*

I think out of EVERYTHING in my makeup bag, Mascara is my favorite thing. With or without makeup , if I don’t have mascara on, I just look….. sickly. My lashes are long but they’re fine and unless I’m wearing mascara, my lashes are extremely understated.

I’ve also become very curious about false lashes…I’ve seen them and applied them on other girls, but on myself… I can only recall once for a high school spirit day and they were longer than any average lashes, bright purple and covered in glitter.  I’ve done some exploring, and they come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures. These are SO fun!

I recently applied some beauuuuuutiful ones on a friend of mine for a contest she entered. We took first place that day and it was a lot of fun! Tonight… I’m wearing lashes. Black FULL lashes and I’m really excited about it.

Pictures to follow!!!



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