So I was at the nail salon the other day….

Every other week I like to treat myself to a Mani-Pedi. Some time where i get to relax and  be pampered. I mean really, What girl dosnt LOVE her Mani-Pedi time? Seriously though, Who… because there may be something terribly terribly wrong with you.

 As I’m finishing up my Pedicure and walking over to the table to start my manicure, I notice a woman with two children.  Her daughter must have been no older than 5 or 6 and her son maybe 7-8. The little boy is glued to his Nintendo (Some handheld device that shoots video games into his brain….. anything video game related will always and forever be called “Nintendo-this or Nintendo-that” …. moving on.) and as I sit down This woman says something to a girlfriend of mine that just shoots chills down my spine.

“Hey… Excuse me…. YOU look trustworthy… Can you watch my son while I go to the bathroom?”

Umm…. Hi. Who are you? Who is this person you’re entrusting with your CHILD? “Hi, you look TRUSTWORTHY!?” LADY! For all you know she could be getting her nails done because she wants her hands to look pretty while she strangles her next victim! Of course, This lady got lucky because my friend IS a good person…. But c’mon! Who DOES that?! “Hi Random stranger, please take care of the most important being in my life…. Thanks. “

I really thought I was on “What would you do?”.  John Quinones? Where WERE YOU??? I looked around for cameras as this lady got OUT OF HER SEAT before my friend could even respond, LEAVING HER SON IN THE CARE OF A STRANGER. These are the people that are on the 10 o clock news crying to the reporter “I don’t know how my little 4 year old could have gotten kidnapped walking by herself to school… its only 4 miles away…. WHYYYY…. HOOOWWWWW..”

Yea… That really happened.






2 Responses to “So I was at the nail salon the other day….

  • Vanessa
    8 years ago

    Wow. Mom of the Year. Those nail salon fumes must have gotten to her. Thank goodness it was you guys. Now, to the important part….what color did you get? 😛

    • Turquoise and Caicos of COURSE. That was the day I discovered my new favorite nail color. LOL!

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