Make Yourself Ready explained it best-

” The siren is the ideal symbol of the primal power the female has over man.   As rational beings we are often amazed, overwhelmed, and even frightened, by the profound intensity of that power.

The eternal female is both worshiped as goddess, and feared as demon, in nearly all ancient myth-systems.  The siren myths, I believe, are the expression of that amazement; of the rational man trying to understand, and come to terms with, his own mysterious and uncontrollable biological urges.

The siren myth is the “mother” of all female myth symbols.  She is sensual, alluring, powerful.  Yet, if the man is not prepared for the adventure, she is dangerous.  

She is both the image of intense attraction, and profound fear.  She is the primal sexual urge, she is beauty, she is sublime.  She is all that becomes ART.

She is the essence of that magic that woman possesses over man, and a joyful and playful meditation on all that it means.  But most of all, in art she speaks to all people, of both sexes, and represents those things one spends a lifetime avoiding out of fear, only to regret at the end.  The siren is telling us to prepare for the adventure of life, and live.

The risk of drowning is worth the possibility of Freedom.  But only when you’re ready.  So make yourself ready.”-Eaken

With only one life to live, its most important to live it Happy. As hard as that can be in the world we live in and as easy as it is to feel like you’re going to drown, we owe it to ourselves to feel beautiful inside and out. No matter who you are or what the personal style, Make. It. You.

Sweet Sirena represents all things beautiful and can be  Drop Dead Dangerous!

                    She is a Confident woman who knows where shes going and will do what it takes to get there.
She is READY for the adventure that will be her LIFE and everything she needs to feel and be FABULOUS are at her fingertips.



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