MascaraPaLooza! Review

As you can probably guess from past blogs, Mascara is my favorite thing in my  makeup bag. I can wear absolutely nothing else, and still feel beautiful  with only Mascara. Something about full, voluminous lashes just…. feels pretty.
SO. I decided to see if the Mascara I have been swearing by for the past year or two is really still the best thing out there, under 10 bucks.

CoverGirls, All in One Professional Mascara:

I’ve been using this mascara for a while now and LOVE it. I do. I love it. Its always made my lashes long and full and perfect. Or so i thought.  I almost feel like I’ve been cheating on it with other mascaras these past few days..Oh wait. I have been.

The next one i tried was :

Ok-I KNOW you recognize this pink and green bottle.

Maybellines, Great Lash Mascara.

Famous? Yes. A Mascara I would recommend? No. It did a great job of not doing a darn thing to my lashes. It didnt make them appear longer, or fuller, or…. Anything for that matter, just smeared and gave me raccoon eyes. SO- I moved on.

It appears I have a mascara rebound rate of a nano second.

Next was:
Maybelline NewYork’s Lash Stiletto.

Although this mascara wasn’t BAD and would work in a pinch, I wouldn’t voluntarily purchase it. However, if there was no other mascara to use i suppose i wouldn’t hate life… It just didn’t do anything for me really but make my lashes darker and wet looking. Ive seen other girls use it and it works better for them. I think my lashes may be biased.

I then moved on to :

Staying very true to its name it DID make me feel and appear as though I had false lashes on!
Maybelline Falsies Volume Express has a keratin-enriched formula that promises and DELIVERS! YES, Ladies. I’ve fallen in love with a NEW Mascara and I’m loving life!

                       Seriously though, for 6-7 bucks who could ask for more?!


“Men are like Mascara, they run at the slightest display of emotion. “

-Kabir Bedi




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  • Vanessa
    7 years ago

    Hell Yeah! Falsies is my Holy Grail mascara and it’s always on sale! Woot!

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