I.Fell.In.Love.With.An.Eyeliner! Review

This Eye Marker is UH-MAZING.

I’ve officially fallen in love. It is SO easy to use and the lines come out perfect and clean (of course if you have a steady hand that helps too…) The liner is thick and the color is BOLD.

It’s not expensive and it’s so user friendly.


Buy it now!

What are you waiting for?

No really…. GO.




3 Responses to “I.Fell.In.Love.With.An.Eyeliner! Review

  • Vanessa
    7 years ago

    YES! Thank you! Thick, bold, perfect and clean are all adjectives I look for in an eye liner. NYX is a fabulous brand. Cherryculture.com always has NYX sales. I was actually going to place an NYX order next week and now I’ll be sure to add the super fat eye marker to my shopping bag! Thanks, Sweet Sirena!

  • I can see myself making a mess with this eyeliner — but I’ll go try it, because I’ve yet to find something that will work for my greasy eyelids….yes — they’re that greasy.

    • Ya know, if they are THAT greasy, (Its cool, if they are, i mean…. it could be hot… right?) Maybe adding more liquid might not be good.. hrm…

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