Do you want a Twinkie or a Yodel?

The other night I had a dream, It was more like a flashback actually… I dont know what made me dream of this but it was so vivid and so clear that I could FEEL exactly how i felt at that moment, down to the smallest detail. The softness of my nightgown, the sound of my chair sliding on the linoleum floor…

I dreamt back to a moment when I was about 5-6 years old. I was sitting at my uncles kitchen table in New York and he was serving my Cousin and I our “Goodnight Snack” … They always had they’re cabinet stocked with  goodies. Snack Cakes and Cookies,  donuts  All different sugary cereals, and EVERY night without fail we’d have a “Good Night Snack” right before bed.

My favorite part of the whole thing is that my Uncle, the manliest man I know kept asking over and over in my dream… “Do you want a Twinkie? Or a Yodel?” In his thick New York Accent, through his bushy mustache with a dead serious expression he was saying  things like “Twinkie” and “Yodel”…

In my dream I said “Can I have a “Ring Ding?”  and he smiled and said, “I’m sorry mama all we have is Twinkies and Yodels” …

I dont remember what snack I chose, but I do remember feeling so … comfortable. Happy, Safe, cozy,  and just plain cool. To have this super cool uncle who can keep a straight face and intimidate like no other guy I’ve ever known… (Except maybe some other uncles of mine but even then… ) was in the kindest way offering me, his little niece a “Twinkie”.

I love dreams like that.

Dreams that take you to happy moment in your life.

I dont know how it happens, but i’m looking forward to the next one.



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