Clara Bow


She was the Epitome of the flaming Roaring Twenties,

Clara Bow was born and brought up in near poverty in Brooklyn, New York. She won a photo beauty contest which started a movie career of some 56 feature films. Best known as the uninhibited flapper,

she reached the top as the “It Girl” in 1927.
She  married cowboy star Rex Bell at age 26.

Even though the public adored Clara, Hollywood shunned her.

Most of Hollywood’s big names of the 1920s had come from poor backgrounds like Clara, but when they made it big they tended to develop upper class values and personas.

They pretended their poor childhoods had never happened.

Clara didn’t. Clara never hid anything;

that was her problem.

It was later discovered by a biographer that Clara was actually schizophrenic, like her mother.

One of the hallmark signs of schizophrenia is a total unconcern with social standards. -IDMB

Her secretary and best friend, Daisy De Voe, was caught embezzling from her. When Clara took Daisy to court, Daisy told the court and press uncensored details of Clara’s sex life, along with lots of exaggeration, which the press automatically printed and believed.

The scandal ruined Clara.

She had another more serious breakdown and had to recover in a sanatorium.

Soon after she retired for good, and moved to Nevada with her new husband, the cowboy actor Rex Bell. She raised two sons, all the while battling her mental illness, and died in obscurity in 1965.


Fun Fact-

(I know hard to find that little ray of sunshine through that dramatic darkish life of hers…)

Clara Bow left behind one of the prettiest pouts!

Still today, painting your lips into a heart shaped, cupid’s bow style with  red lipstick is called….

“putting on a Clara Bow.”

Clara Bow’s life was so up and down, between fame and fortune in Hollywood, crazy parents, the handsome REX BELL, a trifling frienemy,  schizophrenia, SO MUCH SCANDAL….

She managed to live her life as best she could.

She didnt hide or cover up her past or her problems, she didn’t hide her Brooklyn, New York accent.

She was probably as REAL as it got in Hollywood.

P.S. To give yourself the little gift of a “Clara Bow” –

1.Start with the lip-liner(In the same color as the lipstick, oooobviously…) on the top lip, in the middle where the natural lip line bends in. Line the top of your lips along the natural line of your lip making sure to curve over the cupids bow peaks of your upper lip making them curvy and NOT pointy…Repeat on the other side.

2.On the bottom lip , draw a curve along the natural line of your lip to meet the other side of your mouth.

3. Fill in your lips neatly with the Lipstick using a lipstick brush, and layer the color as you like.

Leave the lips matte , no gloss or sparkle.

Dahlia- Dolce and Gabana-  $30.00

Revlon- Blackberry- 7.99 🙂

You’re Welcome.



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