Born in the WRONG ERA

¬†Anyone who knows me can tell you without hesitation that I was born in the wrong era. I wish I could pinpoint ONE point in time in which I came from but – in all honesty, you can pretty much say anytime BEFORE the 80’s.

The 80’s were all about- Shoulder Pads, Heavy Eyebrows, Biker Shorts and Spandex. Not to mention, Poofy Skirts, and Bedazzled Jean Jackets…

The 90’s filled itself with-One pant leg rolled up, Bleached Hair, Neon Windbreakers, FUBU, LA Lights and Scrunchies…

I however, never quite fit into any of those trends, except for maybe off the shoulder tops and Roller Bladeing.

I’ve always had such a love for The 40’s- 70’s.

Beautiful stockings with designs on them, making them even MORE fabulous…

Cat Eye glasses… C’mon … They. Are. Beautiful.

Polka Dots. Need i say more?

I mean really, Music like this just doesn’t exist anymore.

SO happy some of these trends are resurfacing!
Cant wait to transfer them to some awesome photoshoot’s coming up!
Keep an eye out for it!
These photos are going to knock your socks off!

You will be SURE to see a piece of me shining through.

“The older generation are leading this country to galloping ruin!”-John Lennon



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