My First Memorable Encounter with Red Lipstick

The year was 1996
– I was 11 years old and i mastered the Macarena.
I was in 6th grade and In my corduroy lime green jumper with my pink striped shirt underneath, my frizzy curly brown hair in a messy pony tail on top of my head, at school no one ever would have imagined I had it in me.
 At school I was a little bit of a goody two shoes.
My book bag was bigger than I was and I never used foul language, I never talked back to a teacher and I was ALWAYS in my seat before the bell rang.
I said please and thank you and I always said excuse me through the hallways. I wasn’t concerned with anything but school, playing outside and I was just figuring out why my heart beat so hard and fast when Luis B. walked past me in the hall ways.
Outside of school I was a different person.
I danced around my room and sang at the top of my lungs, That was the year I discovered Alanis Morrsette, Mariah Cary and Bone Thugs and Harmony and The Smashing Pumpkins…
My favorite was No Doubt. Gwen Inspired me with her Red Lips, and her tough Girl Power attitude.
My Room wasn’t the only place I danced. I danced at a studio with my best friend beside me , we took Ballet with a mean old woman who was the most amazing ballerina of her time.
Then Jazz and Tap with the woman who owned the school. It was my favorite time of the week to be in that classroom, the hard wood floors and the mirrored walls, the ballet bars, The music SO loud, our teachers had to scream to get our attention.
My recital was coming up and I couldn’t wait. Jazz, Ballet and TAP. TAP was secretly my favorite. Being born in the wrong era, Tap spoke to me. I always felt I should have been born a few decades early.  That year for our recital we danced a swing song. I was SO happy that day.  I got to wear a pillbox hat, black short gloves,fishnet stockings , a short polka dot romper and
…. Are you ready?….
That red lipstick was the finishing touch to my costume. My hair slicked back in a tight bun, with nothing on my face but mascara and my moms red lipstick.




5 Responses to “My First Memorable Encounter with Red Lipstick

  • Marisol Martinez
    9 years ago

    I <3 it!!
    I still have those pictures that your mom sent out…

  • lol I remember Luis B…such a little cutie.
    <3 what an awesome picture of you!

  • TiTi Ghetto
    9 years ago

    Mama, I am so proud of the person that u have become. God will always bless u for being such a good daughter, niece and most of all a great person. I wish u lots of luck with all ur dreams because no one deserves it more then my niece Angelica Rodiguez. I also wanted to say that no one can Rock that pillbox hat better then my niece, I Love U Forever and a Day.

  • Youre so cute Ti. Thanks! <3

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