Your Evil Pillowcase

Disclaimer: If you are by any chance a super clean neat freak germaphobe who  washes their sheets and pillowcases everyday, a couple times a day, disregard this particular  blog. *smiley face*

Your pillowcase is by no means the only reason for your acne or blemishes…

You can also thank:
-Ladies(you can always thank good ol’ Mother Nature once a month for that one)
-Or you’re just nasty and don’t wash your face.

Your pillow case MAY have something to do with it though …. Think about your average day.

Wake up.
Have breakfast.
Get in your car.
Go to work.
Have lunch.
Walk around your job.
Get back in your car or even take the bus for that matter…
Go wherever you go after work.
Go home.
Have dinner.
Take a shower.
You don’t wash your hair because, who likes to go to bed with wet hair/ or you washed it yesterday and probably shouldn’t wash it twice in a row…
Climb into bed.
Lay your head on that pillow.
Wiggle around.
Get comfy.
Press your cheek up against your pillow and breathe in a big breath of oh so comfy pillow case.

Your hair collects germs from throughout the day and you rub it all over your pillow case. You wanna get oh so comfy after a long day fighting the man! How often do you wash your pillowcase?

The Acne Scar & Skincare Source explains it so much better than i do:

“Dirt easily gets into your pillowcase which gives rise to bacteria and germs. This makes your acne worse and is harmful for your skin. Letting bacteria from your skin live on your pillow case will probably allow the number of bacteria to multiply. Another side effect of the pillow being “dirty” by our definition is that it will continue to allow more harmful little creatures to develop over time. Think about it – do you really want your skin to meet with old and dirty cell particles, oil and bacteria every single night for roughly eight hours? No! But changing your pillow case might seem like a drag, so there are a few more things to keep in mind. Changing the cover of your bed pillow with frequency allows eliminating the shreds of hair, skin, dandruff, dead skin cells, micro allergens and face grease that infect your skin and bolster the appearance of more pimples and blackheads. Pillow covers soak up the oils of your face and hair; thereby, contaminating your pimples, especially if they are opened”- The Acne Scar & Skincare Source

Its kind of like one of those, how-far-does-your-toilet-spray-bacteria-and-germs-into-the-air -when-you-flush-with-the-lid-up-and-how-close-is-your-toothbrush-to-that-toilet?






 P.S. Researchers from Lloydspharmacy tells when the toilet flushed, the bacteria can spread into the air for 2 hours before falling to the floor. It is possible that these bacteria stick to the surface of the toothbrush which could enter the body when people use it.





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