When Self Care comes in the Form of VOORTMAN COOKIES!

Sometimes self care is a massage.

Sometimes its curling up on the sofa after everyone else has gone to sleep ,with a pack of your favorite cookies and an episode of The Bachelorette. Today was that day. Today was my sons birthday. We have been up celebrating since 6am and I’m pretty sure tomorrow will be no different since TOMORROW we are cutting a cake with one of his besties Social Distancing style.

But tonight…

Tonight I get some ME time. I picked up the Voortman White Chocolate Cranberry Wafers. Along with my wafers… (And my glass of red wine) I made myself a little Cream Cheese Cranberry sauce for dipping andwell… It’s heaven on earth.

Ingredients/How To for Cranberry Dip:

Fresh Cranberries 1 cup

Cream Cheese 1/3 bar of Cream Cheese

Brown SugarĀ  2 table spoons

Water 1 cup

-Set Cranberries and water to simmer.

-Once all of the cranberries have popped, mix in Cream Cheese and Brown Sugar.

-Set to low, keep an eye on it and once its thickened Take off heat and serve.

Enjoy warm because it WILL solidify.

Dip your cookies and enjoy watching the hot mess express that is your favorite “reality” TV show.




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