2020 has thrown its share of curveballs but VIRTUAL SCHOOL is something I don’t think many were anticipating.  Myself included.

For whatever reason it wasn’t  even on my mind  until it came time for my 5 year old to start Kindergarten and even as the time got closer, I don’t think anyone could fathom the madness that would ensue at the beginning of the school year.  Do we zoom, do we use K12? The K12’s not working ok maybe zoom… Ooh hackers yelling obscenities? ok maybe we try  k12 again. No.

FINALLY we get a platform that works and now we have, parents yelling at their kids (unmuted) Peoples parents walking around with very little clothing on in the background , everyone speaking at once unmuted and more. Then we have children like mine, unable to focus, having a hard time with all the noise and unsure whether to raise his hand like the teacher asked or just shout like the rest of them since raising his hand wasn’t getting him anywhere. By the time the kids got a “break” Ozzy was frustrated and hating school. Begging not to have to log on again.

So what’s a  creative, Stay at home, ex Montessori teachers assistant- Mom to do? Let’s look into Homeschooling. Because this isn’t working. Osiris is a kid who LOVES to learn. I was worried that if i forced him to stick with Virtual school he would hate it and school altogether. Hopefully some of these books and products will help you in your at home learning journeys!

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After many recommendations, we went with the ABEKA  Kindergarten Curriculum.  This is the base of our curriculum. I ordered a few things to organize and It’s been Easy Peasy. It’s easy to follow  and great for  Ozzy. The workbooks come bound and unbound for easy organizing. We went with unbound for the file system we are using.  They go all the way up to high school so if you were thinking about a curriculum for your child, we highly recommend.

In addition to the Abeka Curriculum  we have been supplementing with a few awesome workbooks that came recommended from other teacher friends or ones i stumbled across on Amazon.

Handwriting has been such a sore spot for Ozzy. The Channie’s Easy Peasy Alphabet Workbook has been amazing  for practice! The spacing and lines make it easy to see what goes where and how the letters should look. I love it. Definitely something i know many kids can benefit from!

It not only helps to teach the letters but also  gives an accurate example of the spacing per each letter.   Channies offers, Handwriting, Mathematics,  and bundles !

Ozzy LOVES to read. He reads EVERYTHING. Bobs Books has a  GREAT starter kit for reading! Ozzy Really benefited from having these while he was learning.

Now that he’s reading everything under the sun, He needed some help with reading comprehension.  I would ask him questions about what he just read and it would almost always come up blank. He could read the words but retaining the info was another story. Almost as though the answer was on the tip of his tongue.

So I searched for something to help with Reading Comprehension and in strolled Ready, Set, LEARN!

There’s a scene and a small story, one or two lines each , then three questions about what he just read. It’s been GREAT. He enjoys it, Its short and sweet so It’s fresh on his mind and he colors the pictures when he’s done.

For Math practice we have been using the Highlights Kindergarten Math Concepts Workbook!

Once he mastered that book we went on to the First grade level Addition and Subtraction Workbooks. Now we don’t ALWAYS use Workbooks for math. Some days he isn’t trying to sit for too long and I understand that because neither am I. Sometimes we use his hot wheels cars as counters and we will show addition and subtraction that way. The Highlight books are amazing We even use the Highlights Kindergarten BIG FUN WORKBOOK .

For Science we have been supplementing with Animal research and Brillando with Betty Science Kits.

She is local to Miami and the kits come equipped with everything you need for each activity, instructions and worksheets. All guesswork is taken out and All you have to do is enjoy the magic of science with your kid. Its awesome.  A few weeks ago we learned about rain and the clouds and why it rains… and TODAY as we were outside exploring it began to rain and my kiddo actually explained to me what he learned in our Brillando with Betty experiment. It was awesome to see that it STUCK!

Listen, I know Virtual school doesn’t suck for everyone. I’ve actually heard a lot of people say that its been working out great for them and their families!  This is what’s been working for us and i know that there are alot of new homeschool parents like myself wondering if they’re doing it right and let me tell you… There isn’t any ONE right way. Homeschooling hasn’t been rainbows and lollipops every single day. There are easy days and hard days just like with anything else and for that all i can say is be patient. Not just with your kids but with yourselves as well. There will be days you change things up and that’s OKAY. There will be days you’re SICK and don’t get as much done as the day before and THAT’S OK. That’s the beauty of homeschooling for me. The flexibility is everything for us.

Ask questions. Reach out and if there is something i can help with i will! I’m no expert, but i’m in the thick of it and i want you to know you aren’t alone.








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