Voortman Wafers as a DELICIOUS Learning Tool Alternative

Discovering new forms of entertainment and  Virtual Learning  has become OUR new normal and we have gotten more and more creative with it! Lately one of our favorite things to do is BUILD.

Building can help with problem solving, imagination, creativity, Self esteem and so much more. We love to brainstorm what we will build before we begin. I have a five year old little superhero so USUALLY it’s some sort of villains lair or BatCave…  Every now and then Mommys suggests houses and towers and the 5 year old gives in.

We like to use many different mediums for building. Blocks, Legos, playing cards, Dominos and recently as a treat, We used Voortman Sugar Wafers as our building blocks in an effort to combine dessert with a learning experience!

Voortman Cookies are  great for this activity!

Caution: Using these cookies as building blocks will most likely result in your child wanting to build ALL THE TIME.

 Voortman Bakery uses real ingredients, NO artificial colors, flavors, high-fructose corn syrup, or trans-fat! Which makes these treats a great option not just for dessert but for learning as well! I feel less guilty letting my son indulge in these sweet treats than i would if id given him other cookies.

 Of course once he has finished his masterpiece we try to get a photo before chowing down on these light and sweet wafers… however… its no wonder that It almost never happens. YUM!

Think outside the box and enjoy a fun and delicious activity with your kids…. and if you decide to build a masterpiece of your own after the kids have gone to bed…. well….. you are not alone.







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