5 things I do to inspire peace

So we have been under quarantine in our apartment for roughly 20 days.


I have left the apartment a total of 3 times. twice to get my husbands insulin from CVS and once to go to Publix because my instacart was cancelled (first world problems i know but i digress…)

If you don’t know me well I am somewhat of a social person. I do enjoy alone time but THIS is a different type of alone time. I enjoy my trips alone to Target and to Lowes. My happy places…. i can no longer go out without the fear of what feels like chemical warfare. That might sound extreme but its what this feels like! The “new normal” is scary and having to adapt has forced me to get creative about finding my zen and inner peace. With that being said , below are 5 things that i have found help me to find my Happy Place.

Side note: I do  most of these things as part of a nightly routine.

-Prayer. I do this daily , (but extra anytime I start to feel the anxiety rise in my throat.) I count my blessings and Thank God for all i have in my life. A healthy family, a  roof, food in the fridge, electricity, my health, not in that order… etc. This not only calms my nerves but it’s my way of surrendering and giving myself a break from carrying the stress. It eases my mind and heart and body to know that I’m not alone in this.When i say alone of course i’m not physically alone but unloading my fears and stress on my husband doesn’t always feel like the smart thing to do when i know he has his own stress and fear. Yes i am able to vent and talk to my husband about these things at the end of the day it is what it is, My husband cant End the madness he can only listen and carry them along with his own and after a while this gets heavy. No need to add “worrying about husbands stress load” to the list.  No this does not SOLVE all problems, it does not make the stress GO AWAY but it does help to lighten the load. Long enough to get a breath of air when i feel like I’m drowning.

-Sage. Whether you believe in this sort of thing or not is entirely up to you. I myself don’t know the scientific wonders behind saging your home and for all i know it can be a placebo effect but for me its a physical manifestation of my need to be proactive in fighting the negative energy. Does that make sense? Just like people learn in different ways, some are visual some are auditory, i feel like i need to physically relieve stress. and smudging my home , watching the smoke, smelling the smells it all helps me to feel like i am DOING something to clear the negative energy. Im sensitive to energies and this important for me. (I am totally aware of how hippie dippie “Im sensitive to energies” sounds but thats me. When there is tension in the air, I can’t deal. When there is stress in the air, I feel it in my bones. I don’t sleep. I am up sometimes pacing trying to get it out. When there is excitement in the air, i’m practically doing cartwheels… you get the point.)

-Music. Music is big in our house. Whether its soft music to meditate to, or Bad Bunny to shake what our mommas gave us, Music is almost ALWAYS in rotation here. Dance parties in our home are a norm. Everyone dances here. Except Molly but we are working on it. Dancing makes all of us happy, puts all of us in a good mood and is essential in our lives.

-Sleep. We have taken ALL THE NAPS. “Normally” Naps don’t happen often. Unless its Sunday in which…. Even Jesus rested on Sunday so we have no qualms about napping on Sundays. However, This quarantine makes EVERYDAY feel like a Sunday. My sleep schedule is completely off but that’s something i will worry about later. My true Night Owl Nature has been flourishing. I bet you’re thinking…. how does she do it with a kid? I pull him into bed with me most days and some days when i really need it my Husband who is working from home makes sure the kid doesn’t do anything wild. Also- Lets forgive ourselves for letting the kids have some extra screen time shall we? We are in a CRISIS here and Netflix makes US feel better so , i’m not going to harass Ozzy over an extra episode or two of Ryan’s toy review. It is what it is right now, WE ARE SURVIVING.

-Working on my relationships. During this time I  have found that I have SPOKEN to friends and family, more often than during “Normal Life” And that has helped SO MUCH. The other day I spoke to THREE uncles in the same day. One in Puerto Rico, One in New York and One in Pennsylvania, 20 min or longer conversations! Something that unfortunately just doesn’t happen in normal life.  I enjoyed a Zoom meeting with my girlfriends and it was SO fun, Definitely felt like a night out! WE EVEN HAD A DRINK on screen! We took pictures… The whole nine! This might sound like an AD for Zoom but really any face to face webcam type of call will work. Facetime your bestie. LOOK at her face and send virtual hugs. I swear it helps.


If you try any of these I hope that they help. Be kind to yourself. Don’t worry about anymore than you have to and find what brings you peace. 



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