A night in with Voortman Strawberry Wafers and Netflix

After a long day in self Quarantine, I have been looking forward to my end of day ME TIME so much! Tonight I am enjoying a beautiful dessert made with strawberries and so much love.

Why have PLAIN Strawberry Ice cream when you can use Strawberry wafers for dipping? AAAAAND- I finally got to use my beautiful Floral Ice cream bowl from Target! WIN-WIN!

For this dessert you will need:

-Voortmans Sugar free Strawberry Wafers

                                -Fresh Strawberries

                           -Whipped Cream

                                                             -Strawberry (Vanilla works too) Ice Cream


Once you have all of your ingredients together and you’ve thought about what you’re going to watch… We start the build!

Step 1: One scoop (Or three. We don’t judge) Strawberry Ice Cream in your bowl.

Step Two: Insert three (to start) Voortmans Strawberry Sugar Wafers into the side of your bowl while toe ice cream softens.

Step three: Add Strawberries and Whipped Cream for garnish. (Let’s face it… we say garnish but any excuse to throw whipped cream on a dish is a good time. Am I right?)

Once you have put together your beautiful Strawberry Delight, sit in your favorite chair and press play. Enjoy your favorite show in silence, with no interruption.

                                                                            Right now i’m on a Good Girls Binge!

Voortmans Sugar Free Strawberry Wafers are Baked with real strawberry. No artificial colors or flavors AND no high-fructose corn syrup. Also they are 30% Less Net Carbs Than Regular Wafers! 3 Wafers is a serving size and it comes in at 140 Calories. Voortman Wafers are INCREDIBLY Delicious, come in a variety of flavors both regular and sugar free. I store mine in a ziplock bag and I WANT to tell you they stay fresh for a long time, but the truth is…. once they are open, they don’t last very long in our house. 😉



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