Body Positivity- Let’s get real.

Ok- This is a post I have written over and over in my mind.

Let’s get really real about “Body Positivity”.

I keep seeing this phrase thrown around and  a lot of times I feel like it’s misused. I feel like many times people will try to find something to cover their insecurities and short comings and try to use something positive to cover something that’s not necessarily negative but something that needs work in order to be able to get away with NOT working on it. Does that make sense?

Dont hate me. Hear me out.

Does everyone deserve to LOVE the skin they’re in and love their bodies? YES. ABSOLUTELY, YES.

Should everyone take CARE of their bodies? YES. All the YES. SO. MUCH. YES.

What does that mean? It means keeping your body at a level that is healthy for  daily function. Keeping your body healthy and free from heart disease or Diabetes. High cholesterol and high blood pressure. Infertility, Sleep Apnea, Liver disease… These are all things that we need to take care of big or small but with added weight we become at higher risk for these things and we can’t turn a blind eye to it because it can consume us.

ALSO- Can we talk about the link between obesity and depression? Because that’s a thing. And we need to talk about it. Maybe that’s a whole other blog post.

I feel like sometimes people confuse weight loss with not loving your body because you want to change it- and that’s not the case at all. Being plus sized  and curvy is NOT a bad thing. Its beautiful but what’s even more amazing is a plus sized curvy girl who can tie her shoes without being out of breath. Or shave her legs without needing help. Or wear the clothes that she WANTS to wear not just ones that fit. It’s about quality of life. Being able to pick up your kids while their asleep and move them from room to their beds without hurting yourself or struggling. Being able to help an old women up the stairs with her groceries. Being able to walk a 5 k for a good cause. Being able to choose the wedding dress of your dreams not just choosing one of the three dresses in your size. And in case you’re wondering about whether or not i’m talking about anyone in particular, I’m giving examples that WERE true to MY life. If it sounds familiar then let’s have a conversation!

This fitness journey has taught me so many things , not only about myself but about others but its taught me about the lengths i’m willing to go to to get healthy and fit. Not just for myself but for my family. Not just on the outside but inside as well. I’m not in love with my body just yet but i’m getting there. Im proud of how strong i am and what i can do. This journey is not two months old. I’ve been in and out of it for years. Its only now this time around that i’ve made healthy LIFE CHANGES and it has made ALL the difference. I recently started incorporating Chicken in my diet again after 10 months of a Pescetarian diet. I noticed i wasn’t getting the protein i needed to achieve the goals i wanted and made the choice to try incorporating chicken. I immediately saw results and am going to keep riding the chicken train. Im making changes and choices that are good for MY body. Not for any other reason but that its working for ME.

I look to Ashley Graham for inspo. Homegirl is THICC. (With two C’s) and have you SEEN her workout? girl is Meeeeeeeeean. She’s got all the confidence and all the curves and I admit- I WANT THAT. I’m happy that i have the body i have, because i know when i reach my goal i wont be rail thin. Make no mistake. Im am a proud Latina with the curves to match. STRONG is so much more rewarding than SKINNY to me. And its way more important to me to be able to run in the park with my kid, without having to take breaks every 5 minutes. I want to encourage a  happy and healthy lifestyle in my family and how can i do that without practicing what i preach.

I’m no longer speaking to my body in a negative way. My body does amazing things. It’s run 5k’s, Its walked me down the aisle on one of the most beautiful and important days of my life. My body gave birth to an amazing kid. My body is strong. Fluffy. Not particularly fast, graceful and clumsy at the same time. I’m far from perfect. My imperfections make me both physically and emotionally who I am. Am I allowed to work on them without hating myself? This is Body Positivity to ME. Yes. I can , I will , I am.

All of that to say this. The path to health and wellness isn’t always easy. You can’t hide from it forever.  Body positivity should be about lifting each other up encouraging each other to take CARE of ourselves both physically AND emotionally. Love yourself enough to make the tough choices. YES- Speak Body positivity to yourself over and over again but be able to back it up.




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