10 Things We Need to LEAVE in 2019.

Coming up on the end of the year and i’m thinking about all of the things I hope WE as a community will leave BEHIND in 2019.  There were alot of up’s and a lot of down’s this year but that is for another blog post.

Let’s jump right in!

10 Things that need to STAY behind in 2019:

10. Mom Shaming– Seriously. Not your Monkeys. Not your Circus. Mind your business. If it doesn’t directly affect  you and yours,  There is absolutely no reason to insert yourself in someone else’s parenting style.  If one family refuses to blast baby shark in the car and plays the normal radio instead, guess what…. NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. If someone wants to let their kid run a muck in their own house… or  If someone wants to feed their child a gluten free, organic, sugar free, no gmo, no red No 40, low carb , high kale diet, guess what…. NONE. Of. Your. BUSINESS.  If someone allows their kids to suck down all the capri suns and inhale frozen pizza …. guess what… Yup. yooooou guessed it. None of your… say it with me… BUSINESS.

9. Recording people’s last moments and posting that video to social media. Is nothing SACRED anymore? We had a few awful things happen this year and I can’t help but think of how awful it must be for family and friends of the victims to have to relive the tragedy over and over when they least expect it. Mindlessly scrolling through IG or FB and BAM- there it is. The worst moment of your life for all the world to see… and comment on.  Maybe let’s have some human decency. Just my two cents.

8. Speaking of Social Media. Flat tummy teas, Lose weight Quick Schemes, “Poop your belly fat away” (Yes that’s a thing.) and every other fly by night unhealthy LIE the internet feeds to the young and old about losing weight FAST.  Instead, why are we not focusing more on nutrition and exercise and living happy healthy lives? Also- Remember- Weightloss is a marathon not a sprint. You aren’t an Instant Pot.

7. Influencer Clout: Can everyone just stop for a second and remember that, Influencers , Bloggers, Anyone who shares on the internet only shows you what they are ok with you seeing.  Most of the time it isnt REAL life. Of course you have some who are the realest but even THEY don’t share EVERYTHING.

6. Screens. Screens at home, Screens at the dinner table. Screens in the car, Screens while we workout, Screens on vacation. Screens. Screens. Screens.  Let be PRESENT in 2020!  Let’s put more focus on teaching our children to use their imaginations and to CREATE. To BE CREATIVE and to explore with their hands and feet.

5. Athleisure wear. Just kidding, I want to be buried in my Avia Leggings.

4. I might get a lot of crap for this one… but can we stop hiding behind “Body Positivity” When really you have just given up?  I’m not saying that Body Positivity isn’t a thing. It ABSOLUTELY IS. but so is heart disease and quality of life. If you need help tying your shoes… do something about it. TRUST and believe that I myself  have had trouble tying my own shoes without having to hold my breath. I’m not where I want to be but im MOVING. I’m WORKING hard to achieve my goal of being HEALTHY. Will I ever be “SKINNY” no. Nor do I WANT to be. But I want to dance an entire salsa song with my husband and not feel like i’m going to collapse.   I see women all the time screaming Body Positivity, when in reality they are suffering internally… and it’s a beautiful thing to hide behind.

3.  Cancel Culture. Can we save this for people like R.Kelly… can we not jump straight into canceling someone for mistakes or unpopular opinions? People are PEOPLE. NOT PERFECT.

2. Ooh! Can we stop obsessing over  other people’s family planning? Whether or not someone is going to “try for the girl” Or “Try for the boy” Or asking newlyweds when they are going to start having kids…. I’ll save you the trouble of scrolling back up to number 10, but again- None of your business. 🙂 Also see : “Y el novio?”

1. MENTAL HEALTH.  Can we stop pretending that we know everything there is to know about Mental health. Depression is a thing. Anxiety is a thing. And just because you haven’t experienced it does not mean it isn’t REAL.  Consider yourself lucky. Let’s make compassion for things we do not understand a thing in 2020, shall we?

Again, These are just MY thoughts and Opinions. You may believe otherwise and if you do… please don’t “Cancel” me. 😉



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