Masks and Margaritas Episode 1: Sandra Nunez | Intrauterine Insemination

Families are formed in so many ways.

Parents and bio children, Adoption, Artificial insemination, blended families… All with one thing in common. LOVE. That being said I firmly believe that you don’t have to actually BIRTH the children to LOVE them.

In  my very first episode of Masks and Margaritas I am joined by one of my closest friends Sandra Nunez. Sandra and I have known each other for about 10 years now and this chapter has been so rewarding to be a part of. Luckily for us she is SO open about the process she went through to have her son Jeremy.

Sandra conceived Jeremy through Intrauterine insemination. (A treatment that basically inserts sperm into the uterus to fertilize your egg. )

As we were filming there were things that were inevitably left out. How could we possibly get all there is to say about the experience into ONE youtube video?  We had many conversations after and below are a few thoughts she wishes she had gotten to tell you guys.

“I never doubted my abilities to be a good mother who cares, loves and provides for my son. I did, however (and still do), wonder if I will be enough for him. I wonder if he will someday resent me for this. I do know that family dynamics are increasingly shifting and hopefully by the time he’s old enough to realize that it’s just us, that he’ll be ok with that.  I made sure to select a donor that was “Identifiable” which means that once my son is 18 and wants to meet him, he can. I did consider (very briefly) using a known donor, but it felt like I may be bringing him into a “divorce” type of situation. Because even if the donor says he’ll surrender his rights, that can always change and I wasn’t willing to take that risk.”  

“After each insemination I would lay there alone, lights dimmed, one earbud in and the other pressed up against my lower abdomen- contemplating if there’s no weirder sensation than having a stranger’s sperm floating inside you. I would then take a selfie to document what would hopefully be the time that it “stuck.” ” 

Fun Fact: About 3 weeks after Sandra’s first time being inseminated, We went to a Rascal Flatts concert and when “My Wish” came on we were all a ball of tears just praying there was a baby in her tummy. That wasn’t Jeremy, but still every time I hear that song I think of not only my own son, but of Sandra and her beautiful boy.

“I find it interesting that becoming a mother has made me vulnerable in many ways. But it’s also become my armor and shield. No matter what I might be dealing with, I have to be present for him. I have to pull myself together and keep things moving. I also find immense pride and strength in being a mother; it feels much like having a bottomless well that I drink from whenever I need it.”

I LOVE that last paragraph, because it’s SO TRUE. Something I LOVE about becoming a mother, obviously aside from my amazing kid is the woman it has turned me into. I used to be timid. Now I voice  my opinion and outwardly fight for what is right.  I am LASER focused on making sure I am a woman my son can be proud of. I know that Sandra feels the same way about herself and  love that not only as Mothers and as Women we can share that , but as FRIENDS.



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