Small Seeds Grow Big Trees

I’m kind of surprised at how hard this post has been to write considering how much I care about the topic. I thought for sure that I would sit down and it would all just come spewing out but in reality I’m sitting here wondering  things like…” How are people going to take this…” , “Will they understand” , “Do people share the same passion” ,”Will they even care?”. Im struggling with those feelings but I’m going to put them aside for now and just put it out there.

I have always had a heart for the Homeless.  Whether it’s poverty, system failure, mental illness, addiction , domestic violence or any other reason- I just can’t wrap my head around  a person, a HUMAN not having a home. I look at my family, all 572,000 of them and I can’t think of ONE person I could  imagine out on the street. Sure, there are circumstances where certain people can’t be helped. They need to want to help themselves. Drugs and violence are always going to be non-negotiables.

It just breaks my heart to see someone sleeping on the floor, dirty and alone. I don’t say “breaks my heart” as in, I think “awww that sucks” and then I forget about it, No- I still think about the guy I saw months ago walking around on the hot pavement with no shoes. I think about Pedro, all the time. Pedro is the older man that lives in the burger king plaza down the street from my apartment complex. Yes I know his name, because I asked. I didn’t want to just call him the homeless guy on the corner, When I bring him a meal or a snack or even just a bottle of water, I try to make it a point to say hello and ask him how he’s doing. I wonder if he has a family, kids, brothers, sisters, a best friend. I think about them when it rains or when a hurricane is coming. Who are they weathering these storms with? The summer rains?

The biggest question in my mind is “what can I do?”-I am one person, and I’m not a millionaire. My focus is feeding my own family. My son. Does that mean there is nothing I can do? That all I can do is just watch and sympathize from the outside? I can’t accept that either.

Small Seeds Grow Big Trees isn’t a super famous organization with a ton of financial backers. It’s me. Trying to stir up compassion in others to treat all humans with love and empathy.  I can’t open up my home because well, after the obvious safety of my son also, because my husband wont let me. 😉 I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider picking up Pedro and his little dog during the last bad rainstorm…..  But I can do what I CAN.

I can  pass out water through the summer. I can pass out bags of fruit and granola to help get someone through the day. To see someone in need and to give whatever I can. Why should Small Seeds just be me? It can be any of us. You, me, your friend, your neighbor.

And it’s not just homeless people. Its single mothers, Its children who can’t afford  school supplies. Its animal shelters who need food, Small Seeds is about PEOPLE helping PEOPLE.

So what am I saying here? What am I asking?  I’m asking you to help me , help them.  June 22st will be my first  official Small Seeds drop. I’m collecting all sorts of fresh fruit or non perishables and useful life things to pass out to a few of the homeless community here in Miami. I’m doing what I can but with your help I can do more. I get that we are not all in a position to give as much as we would like… but a small seed really does… grow a big tree.

Email me at: OR DM me on Instagram @Smallseedsgrowbigtrees – if you are interested in helping me help the needy of our city.

All sorts of donations accepted. Food, clothing, backpacks, books, toiletries, life stuff.  Lets talk!



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