5 Reasons I Had More Fun at Busch Gardens

Ok. This summer was the SUMMER FOR THEME PARKS. My Hubby and I ventured to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Busch Gardens. On our own!  YES!  A few little child free weekends for Mommy and Daddy to run wild, and boy did we.

Sidenote: I don’t know where you are from but everytime I tell someone im from Miami, Florida who ISN’T from Florida, I get “OmgdoyougotoDisneylikeeveryday?!” And no. No I don’t.
Sidenote#2: Yes you read that right… We didn’t bring our little one on either of these Themed Park Trips. Why? Short answer: Hes 3 and can barely last through a day at the zoo, let alone a themed park. One day soon we will though. Promise. 😉

Below are 5 reasons Busch Gardens was my favorite trip!

1.Hi. Free Beer.  YUP. Busch Gardens gifts you TWO FREE 7oz Beers when you visit their park. I don’t know where you are from but the day we went wasSO SO HOT.  I didn’t even BOTHER with makeup it was so hot. Mascara and Chapstick. Anyway i’m getting off topic- I don’t even DRINK BEER but I can appreciate how awesome it is to get TWO free beers on a hot Florida day!

2.The wait times were SIGNIFICANTLY lower than other themed parks.  30-60 minutes were the average wait times , IF there was a wait. We rode The Montu as soon as we arrived and the only reason we waited was because we wanted to ride in the front row. (Which i personally don’t recommend only because my face felt like the front of my car after a road trip. SO. MANY. BUGS. )

3. They had cool water misters all over the park and in addition Busch Gardens had a TEAM of misters walking around the park legit spraying you with mist if you wanted. They were dressed like paint splattered ghost busters and they sang and sprayed you with mist if you were hot. SO fun. SO cool. Pun intended.

4. If you love animals as much as I do, you will LOVE Busch Gardens. It was amazing to see the animals SO close. The Animals looked clean and happy. The exhibits were so big and the animals looked so comfortable in them. Busch Gardens is home to more than 12,000 animals and they are OUT THERE! At Animal Kingdom I was so disappointed all i saw while we explored was a porcupine (note: I didn’t ride the safari-but still! Porcupines are adorable, but I thought I would see so much more than I did. ) At Busch Gardens,  I was nose to nose with a LIONESS at one point . Of course I was too in AWE to snap a photo, I did however manage to get a great selfie with a Penguin.

5. The park is not nearly as PACKED as any Disney park.  Parking was easy. Getting to and from our car after the park was easy. Navigating through the park was a cinch. The fact that I didn’t have to weave through a bazillion sweaty fussy people was everything!

Over all the two parks offer a few different things. Disney has many more parks with different themes. Yes. Each of them as packed as the next. Personally, if I have the choice I’m choosing Busch Gardens. The rides are better, It’s more of an amusement park than a themed park. It’s not as packed with people. The wait times for the rides are shorter. The animals are a major plus for me.   I was more comfortable at Busch Gardens. I don’t know maybe if I visit Disney on a Tuesday or Wednesday while everyone’s at school and work it wouldn’t be as rough. I guess I will just have to go back and see!




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