Best and not so best of La Bella Beauty Skin and Hair!

Let’s start off with the things I enjoyed most!

The Lots of Curls, Styling Gel with Avocado oil! Avocado Oil is full of good fatty acids and vitamins,it conditions, adds strength and softness to the hair. This hair gel held my curls and gave me the shine and touchable softness I want in a hair gel! Its gentle enough to use on my 3.5 yr old sons hair and strong enough to use on my wild locks.

The Smoothing Shampoo with Avocado Oil  was so nourishing and left my hair so soft. Living in Miami i will take ALL of the anti-frizz i can get. This Shampoo is full of Vitamin C. It exfoliates the scalp and adds so much shine.

The Curl Cream with Coconut Oil is infused with Sunflower seed oil, It is PACKED with vitamins A, E and D. I ran a good squeeze through my damp hair straight out of the shower and let my curls do their thing. ILOVE this product. Its probably my favorite in the bundle.

The Super Shine serum is wonderful for polishing up a fresh blowout or reviving second (who are we kidding… or third day hair). Adding it to Damp hair for extra moisture.

Things im not the biggest fan of (But may totally work for someone else…) were the Skincare products.

The Foaming Facial Cleanser with Pearl Extract  “gently cleans and removes oil and  makeup”. Unfortunately this product did not work for me. The formula was very thick and it just sort of sat on my skin instead of cleansing my pores. Removing the cleanser, my skin felt … thick…. not completely greasy but not squeaky clean the way I prefer. This cleanser has a scent that I was NOT fond of. at all. enough to not continue trying to make the product work for me.

The Glow Moisture Pearl Mask with Pearl and Avocado softens the skin and adds moisture. Unfortunately it has the same scent as the above Foaming Cleanser. I didn’t find that it did anything any other moisture mask could do. It was a pass for me unfortunately.

The formulas and the scent on the last two products just did not work for me at all. The haircare was great and i look forward to trying more of what their hair care has to offer!



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