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How is everyone’s SUMMER going?

Over here… over here in Miami, FL…. Its “hotter than a billy goat with a blow torch”, “Hotter than Satan’s house cat”, “Hotter than Channing Tatum outside!”. It really is though. I feel like the sun is just …. different this year… noticeably different. Or maybe i’m just old and its affecting me differently. I’m gonna say its the sun. Just for my sanity’s sake.

So when it comes to my skin and makeup this season its all about keeping it simple, keeping it as natural as possible and as COMFORTABLE as possible. I attempted makeup-makeup a few times and every time it was a huge fail. No amount of primer, no amount of setting spray can help the amount of sweat that pours out of these pores. Its incredible. So I sort of gave up on a full face in the summer.

HOWEVER! I do have a few things I use every day that I LOVE so I thought id share the love. Below are a couple of products I have been loving!

Lets talk Sol de Janeiros Brazilian Bum Bum cream! I’m OBSESSED with this fast absorbing body cream. I was curious about it and ended up receiving it in a BoxyCharm. This cream SMELLS like SUMMER! Its perfect. Its not a thick cream. It sinks into your skin so fast and the scent lingers for a good amount of time. For a facial moisturaizer i have been loving Garniers Refreshing Gel Cream and LOVING it.   It is the perfect moisturizer for the summer. It’s not heavy and you can FEEL the moisture sink into your skin fast and the moisture stays in your skin for a while without feeling wet or sticky if that makes any sense.

As for face, I’m on a Brows and Mascara kick. SOMETIMES if I wanna spice it up ill throw in a little baby wing with  Kat Von D ‘s Tattoo Liner in Trooper Black. It’s a great day to day liner. For the most part it wont smudge or smear. It’s pretty water proof, and by that I mean that if you get caught in the rain running to your car leaving Publix it wont run down your face. As far as Mascara goes i have been on a Loreal Lash Paradise kick for quite some time now. Its just an AMAZING mascara. I can’t say enough good things about it. It does everything i want a mascara to do, adds length, volume and wearable drama. It’s a dryer formula so I go through it a little faster than your average mascara but its so good I’m totally ok with that.

Buxoms Full-on lip polish has been my go to lip product for the summer. I love my liquid lips but its been so hot I don’t feel like my lips can take a dry anything. Gloss has been my best friend. Bath and Body works has a great gloss called The Ultra Mentha Lip Shine. That lip gloss right THERE….. That lip gloss right THERE…. Its not pictured above but I wanted to give it a mention because its THAT good. It taste great, the shine is intense and its pretty long wearing as far as lip glosses go.

I’ve been adding a little extra moisture to my hair with the Ouai Rose Hair and Body oil. I usually press it into my hair after a wash concentrating on the ends. I also rub a little on my elbows and knees. Love this oil because its good for everything.  It dosnt have a strong scent and it gets the job done. Its also parabens, sulfates, and phthalates FREE so its good for your hair. I use a couple of other leave in conditioners but im saving those for another post. 🙂

Let me know what your summer skin and beauty go-to’s are! I’m always down to try new things!





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