My Disney Experience

So my Husband and I RARELY go away together alone… I think in our 7 years together we have gone away once on our own and it wasn’t even our honeymoon. (we never did the honeymoon thing… maybe someday. Don’t be sad, we’re ok with it- THERE’S STILL TIME!) We decided on a weekend in Orlando. A trip to DISNEY.

As a kid id been to Disney a few times with my family but as an adult just a few times with friends. We were looking forward to getting away just the two of us. We reserved a room at The Grand Orlando Resort at Celebration. It was on the Friends of Disney list. Eh- The Lobby is pretty, but the actual hotel part…not impressive.  It was a standard hotel room, The beds were comfy and the AC was cool… The telephone didn’t work and that wouldn’t have been a big deal if my cellphone worked but that entire building was a giant dead zone. Both mine and my husbands phones were out of service there so we couldn’t order room service when we got back. Wah- not a huge deal but for whatever reason not having that landline freaked me out and gave me SCREAM vibes. The bathroom door knob broke a few hours into us being there and we couldn’t call to get it fixed. I don’t know if its under new management or it was bought out by someone else, because it didn’t even have a real sign… just a banner. Sketchy much?

 In the morning we got up and dressed for Animal Kingdom. I had originally planned on wearing a new pair of high top converse sneakers but since they were BRAND spankin’ new I decided against it. Thank GOD because that would have been killer. My BeeShooTeeandGo Tee was a perfect fit. I went with that and leggings and my trusty worn in white converse low top sneakers.  I got these great flamingo earrings from Bauble Bar for Target. Put my face on,  just some spf, my brows, a little liner and mascara. I wasn’t expecting for my EYELASHES to sweat… but they did. By the time I got to the will call to pick up my media tickets, I was a melty mess.

We started snapping photos the second we walked in the gates.

Animal Kingdom is SO BEAUTIFUL. I was so impressed. There is something to see everywhere you look. The lush green scenery and the rides… SO FUN! We walked to The Everest Expedition first, on the way we stopped for a Mickey shaped icecream bar.

SO yum in the hot hot sun. It was so hot. Did I mention that already? SO. SO. SO. SO. SO. HOT!!! After devouring our ice cream and looking around a bit we got on the line for Everest. The wait time was quoted at 55 minutes but it didn’t feel like 55 minutes at all.  We walked past a small temple and a little store and then walked into a museum dedicated to the snow monster they call the Yeti who lives in the Himalayas. I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough to take it all in at once.  It was a half outside half inside line which was nice. We didn’t have to wait in the sun for very long as the line moved quickly. Once we got up to the gate to board the train and basically get flung through creepy caves and rocky mountain ledges, you come up a steep mountain and all of a sudden you notice the tracks are twisted and broken and you see him. THE YETI, as soon as you process whats going on, The train ZOOMS backwards doing everything you JUST did only… backwards. Double loop and everyTHANG.

After getting off The Everest Expedition I need a drink. Not a bottle of water either. A DRINK Drink. We walked over to The Thirsty River Bar and I ordered a margarita. A little too much lime juice for my taste but it did the trick.

We walked over to Pandora. Now, I have never seen the movie Avatar so I wasn’t really running to that part of the park. Once i got there though, it made me want to watch the movie.  

My Husband was REALLY excited about this floating island. We got to sit and watch a performance at the” sacred place of song”. That was fun. Very entertaining. I dont know if it was the heat getting to me or just the enchantment of Pandora but I was really hype about that performance. Audience involvement in their show was 90% Me whooping and WOOing. After about 10 minutes in direct sun sitting on a rock, we decided to make our way to Hollywood studios as not to be late for our first fast pass. The tower of Terror!

We drove to the parks and paid for parking. 22 bucks for the entire day at all parks isnt bad… we parked pretty far but there was a trolley to take us to the front of the park. After getting trampled by some hoochies with daisy dukes and sports bras, we caught the second round of the Trolley ride.

We arrived about 45 minutes early for our fast pass so we walked around and window shopped for a bit before the ride. Now- I have to hype myself up every time for The Tower of Terror.

Quick Memory Break:

The first time I can remember riding that ride I wanna say I was eleven or twelve years old. I went with my Dad and my little brother and a friend of my Dads and HIS kids who were about the same age as my brother and I and to this day EVERY one remembers that particular ride on that particular day. My friends little brother cried the whole wait up to the ride. He did NOT want to go on the ride and well… he was outnumbered  because EVERY one else wanted to ride that ride and his Dad was showing no mercy. He would cry, throw up, cry some more, throw up some more. Meanwhile the entire way up i was so excited. The Tower of Terror looked THRILLING to me.  We get to the elevator of doom and sit down. Still i’m pumped. Then… The drop. I. was. TERRIFIED. I’m talking  Thank-God- I- Used-The-Restroom-before-I-got-on-this-ride terrified.  The ride finishes after a few more death defying drops and the doors open for us to get off. I’m hysterically crying, hyperventilating and my friends little brother is yelling for us to get on it again! He loved it and I was traumatized. Now every time we come to Hollywood Studios I force myself to get on that ride and try really hard not cry.   Hasn’t happened yet but I will keep trying.

I was starting to get hungry but I was afraid to eat anything too sugary or heavy before getting to Tower of Terror, and as I looked around all I saw were Giant donuts, Giant cookies and Giant muffins. So I waited. As we were standing in line, one of the employees informed us only one side of the ride was working so we could either wait a much longer time than normal, come back later OR use our fast pass anywhere else in the park except for the Toy Story ride which was under construction. So we opted to have some lunch and then use our free pass on The Rockin’ Roller Coaster instead of waiting for our designated Rockin’ Roller Coaster pass later that evening.

After walking around looking for a place to eat for a while I was beginning to get pretty lightheaded. Maybe I didn’t have enough water, or maybe it was the fact that all I had all day to eat was a Micky Ice cream bar and a margarita. We went to Sci-Fi Dine in. I had been looking at it online for some time hovering over the “Make Reservation” button. I was nervous it would be super expensive but at that point, walking around ready to pass out I wasn’t worried about money, I just needed food in my tummy.  The wait wasn’t long at all. 25 minutes tops.

We walked into the dark dining room, where the walls and ceiling were filled with stars and all across the room were little tables inside old vintage cars. The cars were facing a giant movie screen that played old science fiction movie trailers and vintage cartoons. This place was my heaven. We sat at a table in the back and our waitress attended us so fast. We ordered  fried pickles, My husband chose a falafel burger and I ordered the all american Cheeseburger with bacon. Because Bacon. The food came pretty quickly, We topped it all off with a milkshake before we left to brave the heat again.

As we walked out of the restaurant we noticed the wait to meet the Queen Minnie Mouse herself was only 30 minutes so we jumped in line…. and by jumped I mean I ran. I ran like the Backstreet Boys were inside. As soon as we got in line we were greeted by Chip and Dale. So fun! They were so adorable and so happy despite it being hotter than the devils armpit outside. They did such an amazing job of  making us feel like kids again. After the Chipmunks we walked in to meet Minnie first. She was so adorable! Iink dress, pink gloves. A queen! And of course Mickey was a perfect gentleman. Kissed my hand and everything. I was smitten. Not gonna lie. 

From there we walked over to the Rockin’ Roller coaster. We had a fast pass so we went right up. Love the little Aerosmith recording room show before the actual ride.  The ride itself was incredible. The music coming through the speakers throughout the roller coaster was a great touch. I found myself singing along as we zipped around. The gift shop we rolled into after was pretty cool. I wish there were more Hipster Mickey Merch.

From there we did some shopping, before heading back to the trolley. The skies started to turn an eerie shade of gray and you could feel the thunder roar through the entire park. We made one last quick stop at a gift shop to grab one last souvenir and an umbrella, JUST in case before heading to the trolley.  We are from South Florida where it can get very rainy from one second to the next. Better to be safe than sorry.

We were so so exhausted by the time we got back to the car, I couldn’t imagine hitting up two more parks in the same day. So next visit we will HAVE to explore Epcot and Magic Kingdom. We drove back to our hotel, stopping at a flea market near our hotel. (I love flea markets).

We were so pooped we didnt even have dinner. We just showered and went to bed like a couple of viejitos.

Will we be back?




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