8 MUST have/do’s while you are at Disney in the summer!

So my Hubby and I took a little weekend getaway (Only a few hours from our home in Miami) to Disney World in Orlando,FL.

Disney sent us two 1 day park hopper tickets. We explored Animal Kingdom in the morning and Hollywood studios in the afternoon.  I wanted to share some MUST Haves and MUST Do’s for exploring Disney in the Summer!

  1. Sunblock. Shade. Shelter. It was 93 degrees outside the day we ran around Disney. Even through partly clouded skies the heat was intense and those rays can still getcha!  Sunblock is a MUST at the parks. We used Neutrogena’s Ultra sheer Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 55.  We also ducked into stores often to catch a break from the heat.
  2. HYDRATE! Drink as much water as possible. That sun doesn’t only burn on the outside. I swear it will take your soul if you let it. Walking. Sweating. Screaming. Crying (if you’re me and have a weird love/hate/fear relationship with The Tower of Terror) . All of that takes a lot out of you and if you don’t drink enough water that sun/heat can get the best of you.
  3. Eat Something  Yummy! I know eating at Disney can be pricey and its smart to bring sandwiches and snacks to ease up on your wallet but its so worth saving a few bucks to have a giant doughnut, Mickey shaped ice cream bar, dole whip  or even making a reservation at one of Disney’s awesome table service restaurants. Emilio and I went to The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant and it was AMAZIIING. Aside from the fact that i love all things vintage , the food was amazing. The wait wasn’t long at all and they played Disney Trivia games with us while we waited. When our names were called we followed the hostess to the restaurant where the tables looked like Old cars at a drive in with a giant screen showing old cartoons and Sci-Fi clips. The food was great, and it was fair in price.
  4. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES.  It was 90+degrees outside. Long jeans were out of the question, but so were shorts because… chub rub. If you don’t know what that is well than you go ahead and where whatever you want to Disney in the scorching summer sun, but if you do… you know that shorts when your thighs are rubbing together is NOT a good time.(PRO TIP- Apply deodorant anywhere you may feel discomfort in the heat,  thighs, underboob… yes i said underboob… and anywhere else you might feel necessary.) I wore a pair of leggings with my favorite sneakers and an ADORABLE Custom Disney Tee By: Bee.Shoo.Tee_go. They make so many great Disney inspired designs and if there is something you want specifically that she dosnt already offer, she will MAKE it happen! *Pro Tip-  Pro in preventing underboob and inner thigh chaffing. YES.  *Also- Timon was obsessed with me. Ok He was obsessed with my shirt. 🙂
  5. Meet the characters! We are 30 somethings on the loose at Disney World.  Meeting the Characters wasn’t really something I had in mind to do when we walked into the parks… but as we were leaving Lunch at Sci-Fi I noticed the wait was only 30 minutes to meet Minnie Mouse om the red carpet and HELLO- A chance to me the Queen? Yes, please!  We met, Timon, Chip and Dale (Those two were hilarious), Minnie and Mickey. They do SUCH a good job of making you feel like a kid again. I was starstruck.   * Photo is blurry because my husband was JUST as excited as i was.                                                        
  6. Fastpasses: DON’T sleep on your fast passes. Make sure as soon as you book your tickets you schedule your rides because the wait times in the summer are RIDONKULOUS.  At Animal Kingdom we rode Expedition Everest. The wait quoted an hour. We arrived at the park at 9 am made it to the ride by 10 and the ride was already at an hour wait. The only defense i can make for these wait times is that the line moves consistently and there is alot to see along the way. I don’t know if i could wait for anything over an hour though and after paying so much to GO to the park, to have to wait hours and hours to ride a handful of rides kind of stinks.  Expedition Everest though- WORTH the wait. That ride was thrilling and unexpected. Definitely a must. *Note: If for whatever reason something happens and you cant ride the fast pass you scheduled (I.E. someone pukes all over it) you get to ride any other ride at fast pass speed no questions asked which is really nice. 
  7. Mouse Ears. Its a must.  Rose gold, Traditional black, Sequined or Character themed there are SO many to choose from. I went with a sequined traditional black with red bow. I loved loved loved wearing them and am currently searching for a reason to wear them in real life… *Note: The lady behind the counter told me if you leave the fabric tag on you can switch them out for different ones throughout the parks. 
  8. Leave your stress at the door. Stay off your phone, unless you’re taking pictures. Don’t answer work calls. Eat the Mickey shaped ice cream, the giant donuts and all of the Dole Whips. Have a grown up drink at the Thirsty River (Margaritas were on point.) and geek out when you meet Mickey. It’s fricken DISNEY! 
  • Chub Rub: a rash on the inner thighs caused by them rubbing together in hot weather. Chub rub is one of the great unspoken issues for many women. This meaning is based on one submitted to the Open Dictionary from United Kingdom on 22/06/2015.    😉



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