3 Tips for turning our dog into a family dog after BABY!

3.5 years ago My then fiance (now husband) made the decision to welcome a Pembroke Welsh Corgi into our family.


                                                                               Molly Pockets Armada

Two weeks after Molly Pockets came home with us, we discovered we would soon have ANOTHER member of our family join us. A baby boy.  A son.  Of course this was huge news and we were SO beyond happy. We shared 9 months with Molly alone before our little boy arrived. Once Ozzy was born, Molly was sweet. She followed him everywhere , trying her hardest to herd him into corners as he crawled. She would lay under his bouncer and lap up every puffy star Ozzy dropped for her.


Then Ozzy grew… And Molly grew… She went from being a puppy to a dog but he remained a “puppy” and that’s when  a shift began.

We started looking for helpful tips and tricks to bring them closer together… And this is whats been working for us…

1. Setting rules and Boundaries for our little one. Giving Molly her space and not letting Ozzy play too rough with her. The main rule for Molly was “Kisses ONLY!”. I didn’t want her getting comfortable nibbling on Ozzy or Ozzy getting to comfortable putting his hands in her mouth I’m trying to teach him to him to catch on to her cues…. If shes avoiding you.. leave her alone…

2.Act like a kid.  We did things like putting our hands in her food  when she was near it, or petting her as she ate… playing a little more rowdy than usual, playing with her ears and reaching for her paws… This dosnt mean we encouraged Ozzy to tug on her ears or mess with her food. It was just done as sort of a “just in case” sort of thing. Kids can be unpredictable and they don’t  always know their own strength or speed. They arnt always the most graceful or coordinated and the hope is for  Molly to know how to react… (This is my hope. )

3. Give your dog a place that is HERS. Molly has her little bed and her crate that’s always left open and is off limits to Ozzy. She goes there when she feels anxious or tired and needs some Molly time. She keeps her toys in there and Ozzy knows never to reach in there for them especially if shes in there too. Not that i feel like she will attack him or anything but just to be safe…


At the end of the day, Molly is a dog with dog instincts and dog communication skills. She cant open her mouth and say “Hey bro back up, im tired” Shes gonna use the only tools she has…

I thought id share a few things that have been working for us… This is still very much a work in progress. Ill keep you updated as time passes… I hope this was helpful!



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