Markets for Makers | Miami Edition


I  make things.

More specifically, I make bows and clay flowers. I make faces (with makeup) and I make Mommy moves.

So when I read somewhere in the far off distance that Markets for Makers were going to make their way down to The Magic City for the first time ever, I knew I had to be there SOMEHOW. Whether as a vendor or just to blog the event.

Blooms and Bows by: SweetSirena is still an infant… not really ready for such an event so I settled on blogging the event to share with you guys.

Markets for Makers was founded in 2015. By WOMEN. (Whoop whoop!)


M4M has blown up thanks to Social Media, marketing and smart collaborations with key partners. They are famous for their ability to promote their markets. They hid tickets all over The Design district for their followers to find. I saw them advertising on Facebook and Instagram. When I messaged them about being excited for the Market… THEY RESPONDED. Not only did they respond, but in a timely manner. I found that so impressive. They made time to talk one on one, to one of their followers.

The Market consisted of a wide variety of Handmade makers, boutiques, vintage and unique items you cant easily find anywhere else. They had a nice collection of yums, drinks and photo walls to really make your experience memorable. Most of the vendors were local to Miami which was so nice, putting the money you spent right back into the people of  Miami.

Before I experienced the Market for myself I reached out to a few of the vendors that peaked my interest. Everyone was so receptive and kind.

As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with my VIP tote bag. Inside I found a few treats from a few of the vendors,  A M4M Mug and a drink ticket.  The Tote was a sturdy canvas tote, very cute.

As I turned to take in the market I was struck by the beauty of the building! Usually the markets I discover are outdoors and here in Miami that can mean a  HOT HOT HOT day, and quite possibly a cranky Toddler and or IG Husband. Not today. The building was nice and cool. Not to mention, BEAUTIFUL. IF you have never visited The Moore Building, you should. IMG_0813

The first Vendor I ran into was Sodadna.

Amy Allison her husband with their beautiful Porcelain and Paper creations!

I got an adorable Porcelain charm necklace with a bumble bee on it. (Interesting since I’m terrified of bees, but it caught my eye and I fell in love with it.)

So many fun vendors, Some REALLY cool touch light fixtures with the most amazing bulbs, Some gorgeous plants and succulents, home made doggy treats, home made organic hand creams, and so many more vendors.

I went into this market keeping my eye out for a few vendors …

Rock and Bone

Rock and Bone was one of three I was MOST excited to meet.


These creations are all hand sewn, bead by bead. This Maker pays attention to every detail. Throwing creativity into every pair she makes. No two pairs are alike. A pair for EVERY occasion. Well worth every penny.

“The meaning. ‘Rock’ represents the different materials used to create our statement pieces; from the stones and beads, to the acrylic and pompoms, to the stitching and tassels. ‘Bone’ is the very beginning. Every design stems from a drawing, an inspiration or a mood. You begin with your ‘skeleton’; an empty canvas, a blank thought or a feeling. It can be something as simple as a color and a shape or as complex as a fabric and a material. We then build our masterpiece.” Latin American Designer Alejandra Kelley is a one of a kind artist.

The Trelles Cottage!

The Trelles Cottage  Is Miami’s own piece of New England.  They brought their handmade soaps, salts and scrubs to The Makers Market!


We picked up a “Miami Vice” Handmade soap. “Miami Vice” was made with coconut oil, Strawberry seeds and Passion fruit.

The Trelles Cottage’s Soaps are NEVER tested on animals. Only Husbands.

You can find everything from custom coasters, to skincare, prints, apparel and more on their website! The Trelles Cottage takes bits and pieces from their travels and shares them with us.

ABA Jewels


“Adornments for the modern-day Goddess in all of us. Handmade the old fashioned way, with love.”

 When M4M announced ABA Jewels would be at the market I was beyond excited. Arriving at her table, it was so hard to choose what to purchase because I wanted it ALL. Aja’s pieces were things I dreamed of but could never find in person. Aja was so kind and so inviting! Her unique style is so fun  and beautiful! This is definitely an artist you need to check out!


After shopping at Abas, I went upstairs to take in the view and enjoy my complimentary mimosa.  We explored the building some more and made sure to make a few more stops down the four floors ,full of movers and shakers… or in this case Makers.

Miami is a beautiful city, even when it isn’t TRYing to be. It’s not a city for the unimaginative. It’s a city for strength, beauty and MAKERS. I really enjoyed the Market for Makers and hope they return to Miami soon… Because I cannot WAIT to see what they come out with next!




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