Turning our Dog into a FAMILY dog after Kids | Part 1

I recently listened to a podcast on my way to work that really stuck with me… It was a true crime podcast about a cold case but that’s not what stuck with me. What stuck with me was the way this woman talked about her dog. She had this dog who was the perfect dog. She trusted the dog, the dog trusted her… She felt safe whenever she was with that dog. (While she ran around town digging in the ground looking for the bodies…. ok… if you wanna know details about the podcast let me know. I know not everyone is a true crime junkie like me. lol) Point is by the end of the podcast the host asked if the dog was still around and the speaker sadly said no… the dog had since passed and she had a new dog… The host asked if She felt the same for this new dog and it was her response that just was like….. everything for me in that moment and i still think about it. She said(something along the lines of…)” I think when you have a dog that the perfect dog, and it passes away and you get another dog…. the new dog is just….a dog.”

Growing up My parents gifted My brother and I a beautiful German Shepard. I remember the day she came trotting across the street (she was at my neighbors house until Christmas morning) with her big red bow and floppy ears… She was so puppy that her ears hadnt stood fully up yet… and from the very moment she came into our lives ALL of us fell in love. My Mom, My Dad, My brother and I truly LOVED Apache. (My Mom had a thing for Native Americans… no cultural appropriation just an appreciation.) Apache was apart of our family. She was playful and smart. She was gentle but protective. We took her for long walks and sometimes she would simply sit on our front lawn watching all of the neighborhood kids play, watching us climb trees and ride our bikes… just watching… ears up and alert. Everyone on our block knew Apache and loved her. No one was afraid of her, because she just had that aura about her.


When ever life was less than great and we needed a shoulder Apache was there. She knew when we were sad or needed extra love and she was there. She was there for every emotion. SO many amazing memories. Never did she nip, or bite, or EVER show ANY signs of aggression. EVER. to ANYONE (besides the cable guy that snuck into our backyard without telling us… im pretty sure he learned his lesson  that day though. )

As Apache started to get sick we knew it wasnt good. Eventually Apache had to be put down and we were beyond devastated. I remember that day  in detail, I was in school and I watched the clock because I overheard my mom talking about what time she was going to the vet to do it over the phone. I watched the clock and i knew what was happening. When I got home she was gone. We sat in our backyard, my head in my mothers lap, just crying and staring at the grass.  I hadnt seen my Dad cry up until that moment.  It was pretty traumatic for all of us. For weeks afterwards every time i walked towards my house and clicked the garage door open, i could hear her collar tags jingling to greet me as she had done so many times before.

Fast forward to 2013 My fiance and I are about to get married and we had a bad case of Puppy Fever. The type of Puppy fever that keeps you up at night staring at puppy pictures on Instagram. The kind of Puppy fever that keeps you up at night and  has you researching different breeds,learning if they will be good with our future babies.  We decided on a Corgi. Mostly because in our puppy fever that was the breed we fell in love with. In hindsight i wish we would have just adopted from our local shelter but that didnt happen so we will move on.

We researched Corgis. Their Behavior traits…. Their health issues… we read countless reviews of  people talking about their Corgis. We had made our mind up.

We Got our Corgi, named her Molly Pockets and were obsessed.


Look her up on Instagram, because WE were THOSE types of dog owners. 8 weeks after we got her, We also got pregnant. Which is interesting because that year all of my coworkers said… “Don’t get a puppy…. you WILL get pregnant…” and then … it happened. Brujeria? Still not sure about that.

ANYWAY- We became pregnant and after we had our son, Molly was obsessed with him. She never left his side. She slept under his walker, she followed him everywhere. She loved him. And then he grew into a little boy…. and for the past year or so we have experienced a major shift. I don’t see many people talk about the changes in their pets after they have kids… but its been a real thing for our family. Molly avoids Ozzy (our little one) and when he gets too near she gets nervous and retreats… He has never done anything to her to give her reason to fear him… there’s just been a shift and we don’t know how to fix it.

Now i wonder… Did we jump the gun on the dog thing? Or am i just disappointed that i dont have another Apache? I like to think that i knew before getting her that we wouldnt get another Apache. I knew that every dog was different and i knew that that was not something that would happen everytime you got a dog… right? I knew that…

Fast forward to today. We got a visit from Canine Counselors, to help us with our Molly issue. (The dog. heh.) Canine Counselors were referred to us by a friend of ours. Im hopeful this will help and we can move forward with Molly .

Stay Tuned.



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