Miami Flower Market

As i drove through warehouses in Miami, i dont know exactly what i was expecting… I have been following Miami Flower Market on social media for a minute now and finally was joining them for a class.

SO excited.

I walked in to see this beautiful grassy green wall with Big Lighted Letters “Flower Market” Over the giant walk in refrigerator filled with beautiful beautiful flowers.WhatsApp Image 2018-04-13 at 9.32.27 PM

I looked around as we waited for the last few people to trickle in. Such beautiful pallet walls and gorgeous lights, and beautiful arraignments all around us.

Finally, we started to walk downstairs with Miami Flower Markets Master Designer Rene Blanco. Rene Blanco was amazing. So humble, So sweet. He really made this class not only comfortable but fun too. As soon as we got downstairs he offered mimosas and treats. Then we got into the class.

Succulents were my wedding flower so i was extra excited to be able to work with them. I dont have much of a green thumb but Rene made me feel like i was in my element. He was so helpful and really encouraged everyone to be as creative and individual as possible. He encouraged color and expression from the very start.

Everything was so organized. From the set tables with our supplies to the goodies we were able to decorate with everything had a place and a purpose and i loved that. (I was especially impressed by the color range of sand given to us.)


You could tell that he didn’t just throw things on the table for us to use.

He organized the sand by color family and separated rocks from shells, put a spoon in every sand jar and gave us tips and tricks on how to add to our little succulent home without hurting the plant. Which of course i found very helpful as i was so excited it took everything in me not to stick my entire hand in there. ced598ff-820f-4fa0-ad44-9afdc5430edb

It was those small details that made us really feel like Rene took his time getting us ready for this class. Like he actually cared about our experience even though we only paid 15 dollars for this class. We got the royal treatment.


After the class we took some time to take pictures with our creations and chit chat with Rene. Which for me was an unexpected gift. I have always loved flowers and wanted to learn more but not even just that, i was there with The owner of White Canvas Events who is fine tuning her floral skills, so to be able to pick Renes brain about flowers and his experience was worth so much more than everything we had just done. Not only did he stay  behind and chat with us, he gave sound advice and treated us as FRIENDS. WhatsApp Image 2018-04-13 at 9.32.29 PM

You cant really ask for more in a teacher. He went above and beyond and we are SO pumped to take more of his classes.

Thank you so much Miami Flower Market for having us! It was such a great night. Looking forward to many more!

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-13 at 9.32.28 PM


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