Toddlers, Tantrums, and Toilets


So Ozzy is THREE and whoever invented the term “Terrible Twos” was dead wrong.

Three has been by far the toughest age.

Aside from the sudden “Everything is MINE” stage to the “i dont HAVE to share (which i have unpopular opinions about… but that’s for another blog post…)” to  INSANE emotions about food. Any little thing can set him off.

You can start an all out WAR by putting Whipped Cream on a pancake…. or by cutting that pancake in half… HOW… DARE I!!! Oh- and God FORBID he shares the front seat of the shopping cart with a loaf of bread…. that bread just might go flying. Yes … that’s happened.

Scream crying in the car for 30 minutes straight, literally n.o.n.s.t.o.p. for most of the car ride to school because he dropped his Carrito for the fourth time and you refuse to pull over on the Palmetto to get it for him. Sometimes i hope that this persistence travels into other areas  of his life, like when hes an adult and he wants a promotion…. i hope he stops at nothing to get what he wants. But- for now it would be really nice if there were… i dont know… a MUTE button?

Is that horrible? I don’t mind the tantrums… but can they be on mute? No? Too much? Ok.

Sometimes the tantrums don’t make sense… sometimes its completely out of your hands because they literally don’t understand things. Like Pandora plays songs at random and you cant CHOOSE to listen to the same Moana song over and over… Pandora just dosnt work that way- And you are NOT about to pay whatever a month just to listen to the same song over and over.

Because hes THREE , y el no manda aqui! La que manda aqui soy yo!

Can we take a quick moment to touch on POTTY TRAINING? Does it count if the poop is in the bathROOM but not in the toilet? Because apparently it does. Asking your kid to use the restroom before he thought of it himself is also means for a meltdown… in case you didnt know…  Also…

When did poop in the toilet become a thing to celebrate with lavish trips to Menchies and the toy section of Target? Now. The time is now.

Of course we pick and choose our battles…

I  dont mind if he walks around with no pants  on in his tighty whiteys at home because- who likes to wear PANTS? I get it little man… BE FREE (In your home).

We’ve had a long hard day and The kid wants PANCAKES for dinner? ME TOO! Lets have pancakes for dinner… because Mondays.

You want to listen to Disney radio because you’re tired of my rachet Reggaeton or my sad Sara Barailles? I get it… I can sing Moana songs for half the ride home, FIIIINE.

But what to do on the days you cant let him get away with every little thing.. which is most days. We’ve done Time outs, We’ve done No screens, we count… Onnnnneeee….. TWOOOO…… Im starting to think/hope these three yr old tantrums will fade on their own …

Til then there is Wine…. and Chocolate… And The gym.

Motherhood is so wild. Because even as i type these words about how tough age 3 has been, i smile. I smile because Even through most of his tantrums he makes me laugh. The things he says… Im constantly wowed by how fast he is growing and how he interprets things. The only person in my life who can drive me to tears with his screams and 30 seconds later make me want to kiss every inch of his face.

No one warned me about Three. Consider this your warning.



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