Life Update! Major Key Alert!

Hey guys! I just wanted to come here and give you a little update on the craziness that is life!

I’ve joined a gym, FINALLY. I’ve also started my youtube channel!


The gym has been amazing. Its only been two weeks but its been literally 13 days straight in the gym. Today has been my first day home and let me tell you I’ve been telling myself all day to take a break because I could have totally gone for a run. I’ve been doing everything in my power to recover as easily and quickly as possible because i’m just so into it right now i don’t want to lose momentum. glutamine, Epsom salt muscle soaks, bananas, bananas, bananas.


I’ve made a few friends at the gym which is probably my biggest motivator. There is a girl named Mary at the gym who befriended me a few days into joining and invited me to a Zumba class. Mary is in a wheel chair. now, how can i possibly say no to Zumba or spinning with two functioning legs. what kind of excuse is there on gods green earth to  decline an invitation to a fitness class at that point? All i can say is thank you. Thank you for motivating me to be my best self. I can’t honestly say id have this momentum if it weren’t for her.

At first i wasn’t sure if i enjoyed Spinning… but after my 2nd class and literally seeing a change in myself from the waist down after only 2 spinning classes and a few Zumba classes, well i guess its safe to say ill be in there pedaling til my legs fall off. Zumba has always been fun for me. literally dancing for an hour…. i do that on my own for fun except in class there’s no tequila…. (which i’m sure could be changed… no? no? ok fine. No tequila.)

I’m excited to be getting back into the swing of things with my health. not only does it help me physically but the happiness i feel when I’m done has been so amazing. I’m upbeat, I’m positive, I’m hopeful, its been almost a daily requirement for me to workout just so that i can assure myself a positive outlook on the rest of my day. of course there are still days I’m not skipping home tossing flowers into the air and blowing kisses to squirrels but for the most part I’ve got a smile on my face and when you’ve had as many changes as i have in the past year that it mega important.

I’ve also started my youtube channel and I’m so excited to share it with my readers!


For so long I’ve been afraid. Mostly of the hate and craziness youtuber’s may experience… but i decided to push past that fear and get into doing what i love. I have really been enjoying youtube, sharing product reviews, hauls and favorites with you all. On Wednesdays we wear pink. Just kidding on Wednesdays i share a mini review of a product in 5 minutes or less , called “Fab or Fail in Five’. Its a great way to get my opinion without having to sit through a 15 minute video.

I think the major lesson i have learned my *MAJOR KEY* has been to not let others get in the way of your dreams or of what you want.

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I will be updating you on a more personal level here about my weightloss journey and life on youtube.

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