OMG- IM ON YOUTUBE! AS:LDKj a’lskdhj QW[9487V1’2 OIKNDKAMN[98QY24’OIszjbc ‘[o8ayd

H2NEBAS DP9Q8;K AJSBDH;IAUSYD OIqnekaquhdc [98yseh1;`kjn!!!!!!


Ok- Whew! YES! You read right! I’m on De Jutube! (The Youtube)

I have been wanting to start my beauty and lifestyle channel for so long and honestly the only reason i waited this long is because….. I was scared! People can be cruel and I’m not as tough as i may seem.

I can be somewhat of a delicate flower (Stop laughing ) and words can hurt. (No, seriously. Stop laughing. I’m totes for reals. )

ANYWAAAAAY- I’m only on my second video and let me tellllll you. Its not easy.

The getting yourself camera ready and then the filming and the editing and the writing the content for the description box it ┬ácan be time consuming! I’m loving every minute of it.

If you are ever on Youtube and want to Check out my channel i will link it here so you can SUBSCRIBE!

Sweet Sirena’s You Tube Channel!

I hope you take a few minutes and check it out. Its kind of my baby right now.




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