HANGRY | A Tarte Tale

I don’t know about you but when Tarte came out with these Tartiest Lip Paints i went a little nuts. DIEING to get my hands on one.

Just one… I didn’t neeeeeeeed the entire collection although im sure i would have very gladly accepted it…but really there was only one color that i needed to have in my life.

You know liiiike to continue living my life i needed this Lip Paint.


Now as far as the brand goes i’m not the most familiar… I have he Tarte In Bloom 2 palette and i LOOOVE it. Actually that might be the only Tarte thing i own.

Now here comes HANGRY. In the fall when i’m finally comfortable wearing the deeper shades on my lips because as a girl with “thinner” lips, it took me a minute to get the hang of over lining them juuuust enough so that deeper plums and deeper reds looked just a bit fuller. There was never a hint of Kylie Jenner on my lips, only a natural fullness i lacked before the miracle of lip liner.

Which- FYI- Colourpop’s lip liners are kind of the TRUTH. (Liner shown Below is Ellarie)


Anyway- Long story short i finally talked myself into walking into Ulta and BUYING This Lip Paint by Tarte. I went to my local Ulta not once but twice before they finally had it in stock and when i found it i had already told myself it was alright if i didn’t get it…. it was just a lipstick (Pfft. JUST a lipstick. i know. Who even AM I?) and that i didn’t NEED it to go on breathing but then… as i passed the display what do i find?

ONE lonely Hangry and all of a sudden it was like… YES GIRL. Buy this before you die. And i did.

I bought it, ran to my car and swatched it and glanced at the swatch the whole way home as most of us psycho makeup fanatics do. (And that’s TOTALLY ok. )

IMAGINE the level of disappointment when i’m all dressed up and all that’s left is to apply this bad boy on my lips and i’m less than excited about the result. Patchy, moussey consistency, Didn’t dry down to the Long wear Matte finish i imagined. Now listen , i’m going to take part of the blame for not doing enough homework on the product in the area of  formula but, damn.

Can a girl just get an Opaque dark lip for her night out? Nah. Apparently not.

I wore it to a friends house OVER a Lip liner and I blotted some translucent powder over top with the hope that it would give me the look i desired and it did … until it didn’t and it crumbled to a hot mess all over my mouth. The lip paint clung to dry patches on my lips and it just…. it didn’t work for me.

I’m writing this today basically to try and let go of my disappointment in the product to accept it for what it is… a pretty lippie i can put only over a liner aaaand Das it. I cant count on it to give me flawless color and i cant count on it to stay on for very long.

You know what DID do the trick though? My Wet and Wild 2.99 Lipstick in Photo bomb. YES. Wet and Wild for the WIN!

Moral of this story…. do your homework before you buy a pricey lipstick. Go to the store… touch it, sniff it, look at it… Do what you can with the swatch at least  and  just because it costs alot of money does not mean its bound to work for you.

Ok im done.

Sorry Tarte.

I really wanted it to work out….

Its not me…

its you.




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