A Hippie at Heart…

I wish for peace on earth

the end of world hunger

pretty shoes


shimmery makeup.

A good book makes me happy and Jonathon Apples make my heart SOAR.

Ducklings give me the Warm and Fuzzies.

I cant look at life in black and white and yet color is never a distraction.

I love to bake, cook and dance. Sometimes I do all three at once.

I don’t litter. I Love Animals and Vintage anythings.

Music was my boyfriend for a long time, now its my not so secret love affair.

I can fight fire with fire but I RARELY have to FIGHT.

I love, feel and think with ALL MY HEART and it almost ALWAYS shows.

Lace and Painting. Painting Lace.

I left a piece of my soul on the beach in Puerto Rico and in a book store in Boston.

If Home is where the heart is then my heart is wherever my Mother is, because no matter where I am or what I’m doing, HOME will always be with her.

This is me.

Never changing.

Always growing.

Forever learning.

Imperfect. Not even striving for perfection.

Sometimes nervous but never afraid.

I welcome LIFE with open arms.

My goals are as simple as Plain ol’ Happiness.

I’m pretty sure im close to it.

Stay tuned.












3 Responses to “A Hippie at Heart…

  • Heather
    9 years ago

    Have I ever told you how much I love you? And how much we have in common. As I read along I see myself in you. Your so sweet yet sassy. But we both know that music will always be my boyfriend. Lol. Love you Ang…..

  • jeanine
    9 years ago

    angie!!! your amazing!! love you.

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