Favorite Fall/Winter Lipsticks|2015


This year, I am all about a simple eye with a bold lip. wait- i’m ALWAYS about a simple eye and a bold lip. Whatever.
Here are a  few of my favorite things… err…. lipsticks for “Fall”/”Winter”.

-Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Venom
Super creamy and opaque. LOVE the formula of these lipsticks. Very long wearing. Love Love LOVE the color! UGH. YES! *Throws up hands in praise* A Little on the pricey side, but its worth it. 22.00

-Wet and Wild’s Megalast Lipstick in Vintage Vibe.
(Unfortunately, I cannot find a single thing about it on the site. It’s Limited Edition pero like… C’mon W&W, if its on the shelves shouldn’t it be on the site? I am very RARELY disappointed in W&W. No Gusta. ) Still awesome though. Go check it out! At 2.99, really? Go get you some!

If you  DON’T know about these drugstore jems… well… you betta ASK somebody!

-Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix in Grunge
As if the 90’s coming back couldn’t get any better… insert this cool toned plum-hued brown lip into your life… TADAAAAA, now its better. As with all of colourpop’s amazing lippie stix. Grunge is a perfect color. Opaque, SUPERRR Long wearing. Perfect for that cozy flannel! 5.00! FIVE DOLLARS! Yes.

-Ruby Woo by: MAC
And my YEAR ROUND bestredeverwishtheformulawasntsodryingbutidontcareillripoffmylipsifihaveto FAVORITE!
HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ….. If ya feel me. 17.00

If you haven’t tried this blue based red… you re not LIVING.
The formula is dry as chalk but let me tell you… Its worth it.
Let me know if you find a red as great as this one (With a better formula) and ill give you a cookie…..
or ten.

These are my “Go To” Lip colors for this “Fall/Winter” .

*Quotations  are due to the South Florida “Fall and Winter” Happening right now…. Its Hot most days, im talking…. 85-90 HOT. and then the past 2 days its just been raining. Im hoping that once the rain stops i will be able to wear a scarf.




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