I dropped the ball.

I fell off the wagon.


I am so frustrated with myself for falling off track. I stopped running altogether and while I still did a little something here and there (took the stairs instead of an elevator, etc) however, I am definitely not as full steam as I was a month ago.
Many things have been plaguing me but mainly its been stress and a huge huge lack of discipline on my part.Everyone’s stressed and everyone handles it in different ways. I happen to eat my feelings and so when I am stressed out or upset, I eat. A few weeks ago however, I had that somewhat under control. I ran a mile or two in the OPPOSITE direction of cold stone, instead of TO the ice cream parlor.
This is unacceptable. I am taking control once again. This is a long game. It isn’t going to happen over night and there will be struggles and sometimes I will fall off. I wont deprive myself of the things I love but I will find healthier substitutes and enjoy things in moderation.

I could make so many excuses for why my workouts have diminished so quickly, I don’t have time, No one to watch my kid, I’m tired, blahblahblahblah but what it really comes down to is me cheering MYSELF on. ME telling MYSELF that I need to get out and sweat. That I need to do this not just for myself (Of course I want to be fit and healthy and happy and sexy…)but for my family and friends who love me and want me to be healthy. I do it for them.

(One little boy in particular) 😉

I’m not going to get where I want to be sitting on the couch watching The Real Housewives of que se yo que while eating cookies and cream ice cream from Publix…
( I don’t really do that…. #justkiddingyesido #forshame)

I’m back Y’all and I need all the support I can get. <3



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