Country Music Obsessed | What I am Listening to

So this summer, I went to my first country concert.
Now my friends…. i am obsessed. Obsessed with country music.
Why? Oh. So many reasons.

Reasons i love Country Music:
They play actual instruments. Like for reals.
9 songs out of 10 tell a story.
The stories they tell are beautiful, sad, heartfelt.
You FEEL things when you listen to Country music. You can get LOST in your own FEELINGS! Like for reals.

Here are a few songs I am currently in love with.

You will learn this song. You will sing this song. At the top of your lungs.

Ladies …. This is Eric Church. You are WELCOME. Amen.

“Maybe you can lie to him and say you’ll still be friends…” Yup.

I have heard songs that make me want to marry my husband all over again, songs that make me hug my son a little tighter, songs that  make me want to stop and look at the sky. Its been a while since music has made me want to do anything bigger than twerk. Yes. i said twerk.
This is refreshing.






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