5 Minute “No Makeup” Makeup

Lets get real for a second.

Even the most glamorous of the glamorous people don’t always… ALWAYS have time to whoop it up at their vanity.
So as I am running around my apartment, yelling for my husband to get dressed, feeding my son, making sure his bag is full of all 5,983 things babies need when you take them out into the world… I get about 5-10 minutes at my vanity. This is a usual day to day estimate.

What do i have time for in 5-10 minutes? Simple, natural looking, “no makeup” makeup. Brows, mascara, concealer and if there’s time, blush. As i walk towards the door im usually wrestling some sort of lip balm from my sons hands to my lips.

This is my every day routine.

No lashes, no foundation, no contour, no wing. *gasp* I know. NO WING. Not on a day to day. Who has TIME for that?!

Not me.


OK Lets get into PRODUCT. What goes into my “five minute face”? Lets see.

HERE I am wearing:

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony
Rocket mascara From Maybelline
FitMe Concealer in Deep Also Maybelline
A quick swipe of Sunbasque by MAC
and a mixture of Berry Haute by Revlon and EOS SweetMint Balm



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