Outlast Stay Luminous CoverGirl Review


I walked in to my local Walgreens, browsing for new products and to my surprise my Walgreens lady had saved me the NEW OutLast Stay Luminous Covergirl Foundation JUST FOR ME.

For those of you who may not know… That’s love right there.

I brought that baby home, put it in my drawer with the other foundations and unfortunately got pretty busy over the days that followed. I finally got around to trying it out yesterday and  boy, was i disappointed. I’m so sad this foundation didn’t work out for me. I love the idea of a dewey natural foundation in the summer and unfortunately this one was a miss for me.

The foundation was patchy (Even after allowing a thick moisturizer to settle into my skin before hand, EVEN after a primer…) It just sat on my skin, settling into fine lines and pores before i even had time to blend it out. Once i did my best to blend it out it STILL just kind of sat on my face. It didn’t give me a naturally dewy finish. It just looked muddy.

I am SUCH an advocate for  drug store makeup. Im constantly rooting for my drugstore foundations and other drug store products. Unfortunately I CANNOT stand behind THIS product. At a price point between $11.00 – $13.00, I can’t in good-conscious recommend this foundation. However, Covergirls Mascara’s have ALWAYS been a WIN for me!

Have you tried this foundation? How did it workout for you? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments.




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