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This #ManCrushMonday goes toooooooo:

BRANDON BOYD of Incubus!

"It's so much better, when everyone is IN, are you IN?"- Incubus

I had the amaaaaaaaazing privilege to  watch Incubus LIVE this past Friday! To be exact it was Deftones, Incubus, Death From Above 1979 &The Bots.


But we all know who i was there to see. I have been listening to Incubus since 1997. They were basically the first band i CHOSE for myself. No one influenced me in anyway, no one introduced them to me, I heard A Certain Shade of Green and fell in love. IN LOVE. As i got older, I discovered hey… Brandon Boyd…. he’s pretty cute! Into my teenage years i fell in love. In LOVE with Brandon Boyd in his tall, lanky, hippie dippy, funky, psychedelic glory.


It felt so weird to be among so many young people. I couldnt help but feel like… do these kids even really KNOW who they are here to see? Who they are about to encounter? Do they appreciate this? Because at their age i wasnt able to have this opportunity. Even all the way up on the lawn i was so happy and excited … GIDDY to see my favorite band play live. To be in the midst of the raw talent that is Incubus. To be in the presence of such amazing art in the form of music. 30 years old, feeling like i was 12, 13, 14, 15 years old again… the music flowing through my veins and right out of  the speakers. Watching Kilmore’s dread locks dance across the screen as he dove head first into the music.


Heres to You Incubus. Here’s to making many of my dreams come true on Friday, August 14 at the Perfect Vodka Amphitheater in West Palm Beach Florida.



Thank you for Playing a few of my favorites, A certain Shade of Green, Pardon Me, I miss you… Thank you for Reminding me of your awesomeness!

"The time has passed for hand-me-downs,
 choose anew, please evolve,
 take flight...
 What are you waiting for?"
 A Certain Shade of Green

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