Transformation Tuesday |A Bridesmaids Tale

Recently one of my close friends got married.
I was a bridesmaid in her wedding.
I have been a bridesmaid 6 times.
Being a bridesmaid is a responsibility in itself. Aside from the parties and the gifts and in many cases being the brides minion, you have to get the dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup, the LOOK. Most of us don’t try on the dress and immediately think.
YES. I look freakin’ fabulous.

The past 2 weddings, i have looked in the mirror at the bridesmaids dress  and thought to myself:

I  need to lose weight before this wedding.

I need to whip this Jiggly mess into shape because , aint NOBODY , ready for THIS Jelly.

My arms are enormous (A family curse).

My tummy is so….. GOOEY.

Wow. Are those my thighs? Ok. Squats. TODAY and EVERYDAY for the rest of my life.

No more food. Ever. Ok fine no more TALENTINI…..EVER.

It dosnt help that most fitting rooms have the WORST lighting EVER.

**Click here to check out Buzzfeeds review of Fitting Room Lighting!**

I don’t want to say that you learn something every time you are in this situation because if 4 weddings in, i am STILL feeling this way when i look into the mirror after trying on a dress i obviously am having a hard time driving that message home. This time however. This time was different. Because i have spent so much time  and dedication into my body and fitness BEFORE  this opportunity arose, it was easier this time. In no way was this type of shopping FUN but it wasn’t Hellish. It wasn’t horrible. I didn’t cry. I didn’t get depressed and drown myself in my favorite Gelato… I was optimistic and I found a dress i didn’t hate. (this was one of those brides that let us choose our own dress as long as it fit in the color way scheme she was going for. #lowmaintenancebrideforthewin )

Below is a photo of the last two weddings i was a part of (Eggplant and Gray) and then the Mint dress was yesterdays wedding.


I have been on THIS JOURNEY for a while now… Walking, Jogging, Push-ups, squats, stairs and burpees are what i am doing on the regular. I need to work on being more disciplined with my diet but that’s a blog for another day.

Overall the dress wasn’t as problematic or stressful this time around like i originally anticipated. I actually felt…… good.

Bridesmaid dresses:5 Angie:1



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