A Salon Mixx Review

So i have been wanting to change my hair for a while now and i just haven’t had the time or money to do it.

FINALLY, the stars aligned and i was able to get a little something something done to my hair! There were a few steps that went into choosing a salon.

1. I didn’t want to end up paying 600 dollars for a few highlights. So i was looking for a fair price.

2. I wanted a fun experience.

SO many salons and most of them so serious and stuffy. I didn’t want to end up just sitting in the chair bored, staring at my phone not being heard by my stylist. I dunno about you but getting beautified is like THERAPY for me.

I walked into a few salons and either they were too pricey or not exactly…. clean. One i walked into and they were so dismissive. I told them what i wanted, they didn’t bother to look at my hair or even tell me if it could be done. they just told me basically what they would do and they didn’t seem open to my “vision” so to speak.

Finally i went online and found Salon Mixx.


The photos on their social media made me book an appointment. They were that good.

I walked in to an AWESOME salon. “A Barber shop for chicks” The walls are COVERED …. EVERY INCH …  in Art.

 She displays local art to help promote local artists , its just awesome. You tell me what other salons (NOT IN WYNWOOD) do that? Because I’ve never seen one.

The salon owner just so happened to be my stylist for the day. She was amazing. SO cool, So down to earth. She immediately took down my ponytail so see what she was working with and we discussed what i wanted. She explained to me my situation ( I have tons of re growth from my pregnancy and layers just weren’t an option. Unless i wanted to look like Joe Dirt.)  We decided on  partial highlights and we would tweak the color as we went along.

Not once was i bored or forced to look at my phone to keep from falling asleep. We talked about everything. Ex boyfriends, our kids, to “What makes your soul happy?”. I felt like one of my girls was doing my hair. It was a great experience. I cant wait to go back!

Below is a little before and after, We didn’t  do anything drastic. I may go a bit blonder in the future and once my hair grows back to its normal state i may chop it up a bit. We’ll see.


But if you are looking for a salon , this is it. There. is. no. place. like. it.

“The Element of Style”

Thank you SOMMER! Can’t wait to come back!

The Salon Mixx
2853 S. University Drive
Davie, FL 33328
P: 954.475.7155



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