Summer Beauty Tips

I don’t know where YOU live, but i live in South FL, and it feels hotter than hell out here, 9 months out of the year.

In the summer temperatures are at an all time high and ain’t no body got time for frizzy hair and pit stains.

Here are 5 Summer Beauty Tips that help ME with  survival in South Florida’s heat!

1. Moisturize!

I like to use  a thick moisturizer after i cleanse and under my foundation. (Ponds is my GO TO thick moisturizer. The pink one helps correct dark spots and the blue one is for normal skin. I alternate between the two. You can get the travel sizes at Target if you’d like to try them) A thick moisturizer is going to help your foundation adhere to your skin without adhering to dry spots the summer sun may be bestowing upon you.Morning Burst by Clean and Clear is also a great moisturizer if you want a thinner moisturizer. I usually use it for everyday, all day use. When i sweat my buns off and wash my face, i usually apply the morning burst gel, when i get out of the shower, basically every time i wet my face i apply the morning burst moisturizer.  I usually use Ponds as an all day, long wear moisturizer.

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2. Setting Spray!

I use Loreal’s  Infallible Makeup Extender Setting Spray on the daily. If i know i’m going somewhere i need a heavier duty  setting spray… a special event, somewhere EXTRA HOT , an outdoor restaurant in Wynwood… Ill reach for my Urban Decay Setting Spray. Because really… i haven’t met an UD Setting spray that i didn’t love.


Note: No setting spray will protect you in the event of a FOAM, Color, Mud or any other type of FUN RUN you may go to. Just doll yourself up and pray to the beauty Gods.

3. Smoothing sprays/ Curl Protectors/ Frizz Serums

Summertime comes with fun, BBQ’s, hot summer sun and HUMIDITY. So to fight that ESPECIALLY us Curly haired dolls, we turn to Frizz fighting products, such as below. Let me know in the comment section what your favorite frizz taming product is because i am ALWAYS on the hunt for something to tame these locks!


4. Deodorant/Baby Powder:

Well- this is a major one for all my curvy women who may experience “Chub Rub” in the warmer months. You know…. when your thighs rub together or your arms sweat or the dreaded BOOB SWEAT. What do we do? Apply deodorant between your thighs where they usually meet so when you walk there’s no friction. Powder under your boobs to catch the sweat. Just keep in mind. Mermaids thighs always touch. So if you’re thighs touch, you are THAT much closer  to being a Mermaid. And who the heck doesn’t wanna be a freakin’ Mermaid?!



Because Skin Cancer is REAL. SO- with that said… Make sure your foundation has SPF in it, and if youre going barefaced, put some SPF on before you leave. maybe throw some in your purse for a touch up later. but WHERE IT. Sun spots, Burns, SKIN CANCER… Its a thing.


ALSO- If you haven’t already , check out My Summer Survival Beauty Kit for more tips and tricks to beat the summer heat, GLAM STYLE.




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