My Summer Survival Beauty Kit

Summer has been in FULL SWING for quite some time in South Florida and I am FINALLY taking time to share my  Summer Beauty Survival Kit with all of you!

Lets get right into the products that have been helping me get through the summer without looking a VERY VERY HOT MESS!


  • Too Faced Born This Way Foundation: This foundation is great for summer! So Natural,  Not heavy at all. (Click here for my FULL Review :Born This Way| A SweetSirena Review)
  • Master Conceal by Maybelline:  My GO TO concealer all year round. LOVE LOVE LOVE this concealer. Cant say enough about it.  Some say its a Dupe for MACs  Pro Longwear Concealer but that has YET to be SWEETSIRENA Approved. Let me know below if you would like a side by side comparison.
  • Also by Maybelline, Rocket Volume Mascara. just awesomeness in a mascara tube.
  • ALSOOO by Maybelline…. Baby Lips to battle dry lips! its soft and it protects with spf. What more do you need? Can we guess my favrite drugstore brand?
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Dark Brown. I usually use Ebony and somtimes even GRANITE but ive lightened my hair a bit for the summer and had to match up the right shade so i didnt look like a Chonga. (No offense to any of my chongas out in South Miami, Its just not a good look on ME. ) I find that ABH’s Dipbrow gives me the most ban for my buck. It holds my eyebrows down so they dont get crazy in this heat!
  • Urban Decay Setting Sprays: MY GOD. I once did someones makeup for a wedding, they went had a REALLY GOOD TIME and JUMPED in the OCEAN in the middle of the night and her make up stayed FLAWLESS through all of her ruckus! First date coming up and the guy wants to be slick taking you to the pool, the beach or an out door restaurant. Dont fret my pet, Grab one of these setting sprays, spritz your face when youre done with your makeup and you are GOOD TO GO. Psh. #ThatUDsettingspraythooo
  • These 3 blushes are my favorite shades. MAC: Sunbasque and Sweet As Cocoa and ColourPop: Super Shock Cheek in  Homie. All of these blushes give me that natural flush that you want in the summer. nothing too harsh and they all work for every skin tone. I would be lieing if i said i only used them in the summer, because even when i am three shades lighter in the winter i find myself reaching for Sweet as Cocoa.
  • BOLD LIPS BOLD LIPS BOLD LIPS :  A few of my favorites are Colour Pop: Pasties, Whip, and Grind. Kat Von D’s L.U.V. and ov course Mac’s Flat Out Fabulous!
  • Flower Crowns Flower Crowns Flower Crowns
  • Last but most importantly MOISTURIZER! I use PONDS right now. I jump around using different moisturizers, usually its Ponds or Clean and Clears Gel moisturizer (not shown)

Alot of this stuff you can get at the drug store, MOST you can get at Ulta. ColourPop you must order online, but honestly, it gets to you in no time so its not too big of a deal.

Let me know what your summer Beauty Faves are in the Comment Section Below! Id love to try some new products!



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