Sweet Sweat

As many of you know i have become a little.. ok alotta obsessed with my fitness journey and there is one thing in particular that im raving about to anyone who will listen!

I’ve been following @GetBodiedby_J for a bit now and aside from motivating and encouraging me to take myself to the next level PHYSICALLY, She has turned me on to SWEET SWEAT.

I have so many gadgets i use when i run, from my polar watch/heart rate monitor, to my Jawbone, to my girdle and knee brace, SO many things! Id gladly give them all up for SWEET SWEAT. I am in LOVE with this product. Its not goopey, it smells good and it WORKS. I rub it on my problem areas (I have to control myself because i honestly want to rub it all over my entire body, but i wonder if that’s allowed… eh.) Mainly  my tummy under my girdle and when i’m done with my workout no matter how big or small the session my stomach is DRIPPING, DRENCHED in sweat. I’m talking from just under my boobs to mid thigh is soaked through with sweat. I have never sweat like this before Sweet sweat and i DEFINITELY see it making a difference. I now have to take off my girdle IN the tub because the sweat splashes everywhere.


You might be thinking. WOW. so much sweat yea that’s gross. BUT- When you’re working hard out in the sun, working so hard towards a goal that used to seem so unattainable, here comes along this product that isn’t necessarily making you look like JLO at lightening speed but definitely helping you along.


  • Targets “Slow To Respond” Problem Areas
  • Substantially Improves Circulation and Sweating
  • Encourages Thermogenic & Muscle activity during exercise
  • Accelerates Warm-up & Recovery time
  • Fights muscle fatigue and painful injuries, such as shin splints, pulls, and strains


Ladies, If you  have an area, you’re trying to lose and you need a little help, REACH For this product. Its amazing. If  for nothing else you will sweat your ass off.

Maybe even literally.




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