Kindred Spirits at Sephora


Ever meet someone and its like little cartoon hearts spew from your eyeballs? Well that’s what happened when I walked into Sephora in Pembroke Gardens. So much so that my husband walked away as to not get shot by stray cupid arrows.

As soon as I walk in, i’m greeted by two Sephora girls, complimenting my lip color, automatically we start gushing about it , running over to play with it. It was L.U.V. by Kat Von D. A BEAUTIFUL Purple shade I wear with so much confidence. Then one walks away and i’m left still gushing, this time over the new KVD Shadows. I take a lap around the store searching for Too faced when she stops me and says “Looking for the Born this Way foundation, by TOOFACED?” I ask myself… HOW DID SHE KNOW!? “Its not in yet…” Damn. Then she tells me how awesome it is and to come in as soon as they get it so we can match me up with the right shade cause… its AWESOME and I need it in my life. My husband is watching this love fest happen and he smiles… knowing that I am in my element.

As I leave I turn to say good bye. She was gone. Its like…. she was an angel. a makeup angel.

Wherever you are Makeup Angel… can we be friends?




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