Llama Lashes Part Dos

SO- I totally partook in the False Lashdom, that has swept the nation…

OK, i don’t know about the NATION, definitely this side of Miami.

The first pair i tried was, Revlon’s Beyond Natural Lashes

Contrary to what they say, I felt they were SUPER Heavy. Maybe I am just not used to having them on , or it was that they were just, THAT THICK. What ever the case may be, They were just not comfortable. I’m sure ill try again, and see if there’s a difference next time.

The very next day i wore these,   SOO much easier to apply, WAY more comfortable and gave me exactly the look i was going for whereas the other ones, were kind of getting lost in my own lashes.

The fuller lashes would probably be best on those who may not be so blessed in the lash department and need a fuller look.

Both lashes mentioned here are less than 10 dollars. 🙂

Gotta love budget friendly cosmetics!!!



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