Dear Mary Kay…

Dear Mary Kay,

On more than one occasion within the past year I have had the unfortunate luck to be… bamboozled and manipulated by your associates. Women who are not only enthusiastic about your brand and the change its made in their lives but, radical and blood thirsty.

I have been to MK events before. I have respectfully endured the long class and the presentation afterwards even though, I have never had any interest in selling, buying or using MK products. So imagine my dismay when on more than one occasion I have had to fight off MKNutJobs in Pink.

Why don’t they  take NO for an answer? Why if I decline an invitation to MK or turn down the “chance to win a 250$ makeup kit” do these women ASSume that I must not know what I am missing? That I must not know the “benefits MK can bring to my life”. Like I said before- I’ve been to the class. I’ve played with the products. I know what is out there.


The first time it happened the MK associate was pretty upfront about her affiliation with MK. And though  I fell into the MKtrap that time, she let it go after the 3rd or 4th “NO THANK YOU”. This last time however… I encountered an MK director SO persistent, it was borderline HARASSMENT. I turned down her invitations over and over and over and to the point where I began to wonder if I should fear her. Why was she SO interested in ME. Why does she NEED to have me at her MK event (She so cleverly disguised as a Miami Beach Chambers networking event Stressing over and over it had nothing to do with MK. Lies. ) I’m sorry, I grew up in an age where meeting people online is not only getting more and more normal but more and more dangerous.

Recently two women met on craigslist, one pregnant, one a crazed lunatic who LITERALLY cut her baby out of her.

So pardon ME if I hesitate to meet a women who initially pretended to need an MUA for her event company…. when in reality she wanted to recruit me to her MK Cult. Or at least that’s what it felt like. She emailed. Called. Texted. over and over after i said no, over and over. Im done. Rant over.

Just know Mary Kay that I don’t now or EVER want to be apart of  Mary Kay.

No means No, Mary Kay.

No means NO!

Truly NOT yours,


P.s. I’m apparently not the only one who feels this way.

You should be ASHAMED of yourself, MK.


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humorous-billboardsimage010I am in no way trying to put the product or even the company as a whole down. I just think the recruiting tactics are all Effed up and honestly, really, really skeezy. For lack of a more… appropriate word. 
You do you. I’m going to do ME. 



2 Responses to “Dear Mary Kay…

  • Vanessa N.
    5 years ago

    Good Lord, Mary Kay is a nightmare. You’re right, it’s borderline harassment. I fell for their sweet approach in the beginning and then I had a daily phone call followed by a text. They a couple of great products, like the Clear Proof Acne System and their gloss in Pink Diamonds (discontinued) but their business approach offsets the good, No MaryKay for me.

    • I agree! The product isnt the horrible part (although i DO find their foundations and concealers pretty crap- i mean Cakey…. But thats another blog post…) Its their business approach. It SUCKS. Dont harass me. I HATE repeating myself and if i say NO once, it should be enough.

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