Mask of Magnaminty- REVIEW!

Hey Sirenas!

SO-I have been hearing RAVE REVIEWS about the Mask of Magnaminty from LUSH! It is a face and back mask. AS the title states it is VERY MIIINTY!  “Packed full of peppermint, kaolin, and scrubby adzuki beans for deeply cleansed skin.”


My first impression:

When I opened the tub, the smell of mint was powerful. It has almost a dirty mint smell if that makes  any sense… Personally I enjoyed the MINT smell but there was something else I wasn’t a fan of that I couldn’t put my finger on… If you have an descriptions as to what you think it smelled like PLEASE  comment below and help me solve that mystery!

The texture is great. I love the thickness of it, its smooth yet grainy, you can almost feel every ingredient in the mask between your finger tips . On the skin its initially very COLD.     Duh of course, with all that mint, It was almost overwhelming. In the best way “Overwhelming” can possibly be. Instantly I felt it working its magic on my skin.


I left it on for about 10-15 minutes.   After about 10 minutes USUALLY the average mask is 100% dried  and crackling on my face. THIS mask is SO thick,  it only partially dried in that time. My face felt a tingly freeze. (I LOVED IT!) I began to wash it off , with warm water, rubbing in circles, exfoliating my skin. Two circular motions in, I decided to reach for a washcloth and go that route instead. With one wipe of the washcloth I could see a patch of my skin through the green mask. I was SO excited to see the beautiful BRIGHT creamy looking skin underneath. I took the rest off as quickly as possible, excited to analyze my face.

This mask gets two thumbs up for me. Although its not an every day mask I think I will work it into my skin care routine, using it maybe once or twice a week. It left me feeling SO clean and SO soft. I wanted nothing more then to touch my face( I resisted the urge). I was also WIDE AWAKE after. It was both invigorating and powerful.

I encourage you to try this mask! I can see myself springing for the larger tub now that I have experienced this super COOL mask! Haha, Cool… Get it? Minty… Cool… never mind.


Mask of Magnaminty…. I love you.

Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerrero…. Thank you for putting me up on GAME!

Comment down below and let me know what you lovelies think about this mask!




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