Engagement Shoot with Adam Opris!

This shoot was SO much fun!

An amazing photographer, a couple in love and makeup!

Just. Fun.

1486650_716894604987779_224652567_n 1526218_716894514987788_2054992326_n

1499599_716894051654501_1220448554_n 1526466_716894641654442_1155153235_n 1536722_716895778320995_870996795_n 1521961_716860014991238_1597477359_n 1533779_10100566633049955_963576138_n 1528585_716894364987803_359161380_n 63704_708507055826534_1816487858_n 995266_716894841654422_1919905437_n 1524757_716894908321082_1505864662_n 1504097_716894118321161_1529997436_n



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